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Oct 05 2022

5 Poker Tips For No-Limit Texas Hold’em Beginners

Oct 05 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

Even legends of the game like Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, and Doyle Brunson had to start somewhere. If you are a beginner who is just now learning how to play poker, these five poker tips will set you apart from the other newbies at the table. Poker can be an unforgiving game, but if you …...

Sep 19 2022

Phil Ivey Bluff Catches In A High Stakes Poker Tournament

Sep 19 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

When you are considered one of the greatest poker players of all-time, it makes sense that your fans may find you playing a $200,000 buy-in tournament in the Triton Super High Roller Series. In the recent Triton Series, Phil Ivey found himself going toe-to-toe with some of poker’s best in the series’ high stakes, invitational …...

Sep 16 2022

Cash Game Strategy: Getting Full Value From A Flopped Flush With Evan Jarvis

Sep 16 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

When you flop the absolute nuts, it’s easy to feel like you can relax and expect a hefty pot, but if you happen to have timid opponents at the poker table, it may be hard getting full value from a flopped flush. In this cash game strategy article, Evan Jarvis breaks down a hand he …...

Sep 14 2022

Poker Vlogger Brad Owen Faces An All-in With Pocket Aces

Sep 14 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

Finding folds at the poker table can be extremely tough, especially when you’re facing a wild maniac and happen to be holding pocket aces! Playing in a meet-up game at the Aria in Las Vegas, Brad Owen was in the dream scenario of having pocket aces facing a maniacal opponent he had just attempted to …...

Sep 12 2022

Poker Tournament Strategy: Tristan Wade Discusses When To Go For Thin Value

Sep 12 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

Playing from late position, hands like suited gappers can flop extremely well and are worth raising. Even when facing a loose, action player, it is important to not play scared and to pursue value when you have enough strength. Follow this hand below, and consider how you would play each spot with your own poker …...

Sep 09 2022

The Best Of Jonathan Little’s FREE Poker Videos

Sep 09 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

With over 2,000 uploads and 4 videos posted every week, my free poker videos have helped thousands of poker players beat all levels of poker, from the micro stakes all the way up to high stakes poker tournaments and cash games. Whether you are a beginner looking to start studying poker through free poker lessons, …...

Sep 07 2022

Training For Online Poker Tournaments With Alex Fitzgerald

Sep 07 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

Players with wide ranges can be hard to extract value from especially when they are playing from the big blind. Big blind players can have just about anything, and in online poker tournaments, this is even more apparent. Take this hand scenario and consider how you would play each spot, the separation is in the …...

Sep 05 2022

Poker Hand Breakdown: Playing Pocket Jacks at Texas Card House

Sep 05 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

Rumor has it that the poker games are much bigger and splashier in the Lone Star state of Texas. Playing a $2/$5 cash game at the Texas Card House, Rosey from NextGenPoker looked down at pocket jacks and faced some aggression from a player that had been running over the table. The feeling of holding …...

Sep 02 2022

Poker Lesson with Matt Affleck: How To Play Pocket Aces On A Monotone Board

Sep 02 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

One of the best things you can do as a poker player is study the hands that put you in tough spots. While we would all like to be dealt pocket aces every hand, it can be discouraging when three diamonds come on the flop and both of your aces happen to be black. Just …...

Aug 31 2022

Poker Lessons with JWin: How to Play Full Houses

Aug 31 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

The newest member of the team, vlogger and cash game crusher JWin took a trip to The Lodge Cardroom in Austin, Texas to take part in a live-streamed cash game. Playing with the likes of Doug Polk, JWin got involved in a massive pot while repping the brand. Was our favorite poker vlogger …...

Aug 29 2022

Learning Poker with Evan Jarvis: Playing Deep-Stacked in a Cash Game

Aug 29 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

Cash games offer great opportunities to practice playing deep stacked poker. When you have the big stack advantage in a cash game, you can leverage your position and gain an edge over opponents, especially when they lack experience. Having the ability to induce mistakes at the poker table will help you make money long term. …...

Aug 26 2022

Massive River Bluff In A High Stakes Poker Tournament

Aug 26 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

The de facto end boss of any high stakes poker tournament, Australian poker pro Michael Addamo continues to travel the world and put his peers in incredibly tough spots. Playing in the Triton Poker Series in Malta, Addamo showed no fear getting after it against fellow professional poker player Chris Brewer. Leaving Brewer truly perplexed …...

Aug 24 2022

Poker Pro Tips: Matt Affleck Breaks Down How To Play Draws

Aug 24 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

Flopping one draw is fantastic, but flopping two draws provides a poker player with endless possibilities. In this poker hand, coach Matt Affleck revisits a hand he played at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Seeing a flop with tons of equity, how did Matt respond? Would you have made the same decisions? Take in …...

Aug 22 2022

Professional Poker Player Does The Unthinkable At The USPO

Aug 22 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

Professional poker player Shannon Shorr has been a crusher on the felt for nearly two decades. Heads-up at the U.S. Poker Open, Shorr was put in an incredibly tough spot holding trips on the river. Truly thinking outside the box, what Shorr did to ultimately make his decision left viewers baffled. The Game: $10,000 Buy-In …...

Aug 19 2022

Poker Lessons with Tristan Wade: Defending the Big Blind at the WSOP

Aug 19 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

When you sit at the poker table there is always a lot to consider, especially when playing in the WSOP. If the bubble is close to bursting, there are even more dynamics to think about, making it critical you study up on the fundamentals. In this hand, we go over how to defend the big …...

Aug 17 2022

A $415,000 Pot On The Hustler Casino Live Stream

Aug 17 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

Pocket aces are always a welcomed sight for any poker player, especially when they are sitting at a poker table running $100/$200 no-limit. Previously on the Hustler Casino Live stream, Hustler regular Double M went toe-to-toe with high stakes player Andy Stacks. With neither player willing to back down, this pot quickly hit six figures, …...

Aug 15 2022

Using The Best Flopped Set Strategy

Aug 15 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

Set-mining can sometimes feel like a never-ending endeavor that never bears results, but when you hit that third card on the flop, you know you have a shot at some great value. Properly playing sets requires being prepared for post-flop play, just because you hit three of a kind doesn't mean the money is guaranteed. …...

Aug 12 2022

Rampage Poker Plays In A Six-Figure Pot

Aug 12 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

One of the benefits of being a poker player known for bluffing is that when you eventually have a premium hand, there is a good chance you will get paid off as opponents will think you’re full of it! Continuing to appear in the ever-popular Hustler Casino Live stream, poker vlogger Rampage Poker, who is …...

Aug 10 2022

Winning At Poker By Being Aggressive

Aug 10 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

To become a winning poker player, you must become comfortable with being aggressive at the table, even when you don't necessarily have the best hand! There will be times where you must bluff if you are going to have a shot at taking down the pot, study hard and use this hand quiz as an …...

Aug 08 2022

Playing Pocket Aces In A High Stakes Cash Game

Aug 08 2022 Published at under tags  poker strategy

The Hustler Casino Live Stream continues to bring eyes to poker as it shows off some of game’s best taking part in high stakes action. When you’re at the poker table with the likes of Phil Ivey, there’s no better hand to be dealt than pocket aces. Professional poker player Matt Berkey was in this …...

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