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Oct 13 2020

Overvaluing Blockers

A blocker is a card you see, either on the board or in your hand, that 'blocks' your opponent from having any hand containing that card. Poker is a game of small edges, and the small edge you gain by effectively utilizing blockers will have a notable impact on your long term win-rate. When it […] The post Overvaluing Blockers appeared first on...

Oct 08 2020

4-Betting And Using It To Your Advantage

We’re going to be talking about the art of 4-betting and how you can use it against opponents. When used effectively, against the right opponent, it can help you increase your win-rate significantly over time. The 4-bet is a betting technique that allows you to take advantage of certain opponents and turn their aggression into […] The post 4-Betting And Using It To...

Oct 05 2020

5 Tips To Survive As A Short Stack

Many poker players who play cash games are generally playing with a lot of big blinds and don’t have to worry about short stacks. They usually have stacks which are 100 big blinds deep. Players who only have experience in these games often find themselves confused when they play poker tournaments with considerably shorter stacks. […] The post 5 Tips To Survive As...

Oct 01 2020

Random Number Generator: What It Is And How It Works

Most people around you will tell you that poker is a game of luck and to some extent they are right. It is usually played in casinos alongside other luck- based games such as blackjack, slots and craps. But the people who play poker professionally know how to get rid of that luck factor. During a […] The post Random Number Generator: What It...

Sep 29 2020

3-Step Poker Warm-Up Routine For Better Results

Every poker player has his/her days where you just second guess all your decisions and nothing seems to be coming off. Days like this are natural to anyone playing poker and after all, we’re only human so we can’t perform at 100% at all times. That being said, there are ways in which you can […] The post 3-Step Poker Warm-Up Routine For...

Sep 10 2020

The Cognitive Benefits Of Playing Poker

When people think about poker, they think about gambling. Poker is a game of chance where players are dealt two cards and hope that they have the better one than their opponents. For generations, people that don’t play poker have considered it a game that’s based on a lot of luck and only a handful […] The post The Cognitive Benefits Of Playing...

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