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Jun 07 2021

Sky is the limit - Matija Blog

Jun 07 2021 Published at BluffTheSpot

My careerI started playing NLHE live poker in 2017 and played for 1 year with mediocre results. beforeI decided to switch over to online poker understanding that, with a good schedule and a lot of studying, it will allow me to improve much more and give me more room for success, given that i put in the hard work. During 2019 I played...

Get Rich Or Die Tryin - Alexandra Blog

Jun 07 2021 Published at BluffTheSpot

Hey all, I guess this is the part when I tell you who I am. My name is Alexandra, I'm 23, from Romania. I started playing poker as a pure hobby, and I quickly turned from total fish to making some side money while being in University. That was pretty fun for me, especially because I was living in a country where making...

Jun 03 2021

May update - MMAsherdog Blog

Jun 03 2021 Published at BluffTheSpot

Last month, I was disappointed with my results and work ethic.My volume could still be a little better, but it doesn't matter if I keep running this hot. May I've decided to quit streaming, at least for a while, so I can put even more focus into poker.I...

May 02 2021

April update - MMAsherdog Blog

May 02 2021 Published at BluffTheSpot

Travelling a bunch and being busy with Bluffthespot is one thing, but my volume and performance were definitely nowhere to be seen this month.It's difficult to work hard in Mexico. The weather is great, the food is good, and I know lots of people in Playa to spend time with. Before you know it, the month is over.Now that I've settled...

Mar 31 2021

March recap - MMAsherdog blog

Mar 31 2021 Published at BluffTheSpot

Whenever I run good, I tend to have dips in motivation. My goal for March was to be more consistent with my volume. The quality of the games was up and down, but I managed to play daily and continue the crazy upswing.My goal for April is to do more of the same. Study a bit more this month, and keep it...

Feb 28 2021

February recap - MMAsherdog Blog

Feb 28 2021 Published at BluffTheSpot

The curse of alternating awesome years and bad ones has not set in yet, as I continue to run good this year. I was very pleased with my performance in January, but not so much this month.I did a lot of travelling and had a bad setup and slow internet for a while, which doesn't allow me to play relaxed. I also...

Feb 08 2021

New Year, Same Results :D - MMAsherdog Blog

Feb 08 2021 Published at BluffTheSpot

Maybe I'm about to jinx the rest of the year, but it seems like 2021 will be a good poker year for me.The games were quite polarizing. Often mediocre but sometimes amazing.I've put in okay volume, played pretty well and also run good.I will be travelling to Brazil next week to enjoy some time alone, and to focus on grinding...

Jan 01 2021

My Poker journey (From the student to the master) - bbissick Blog

Jan 01 2021 Published at BluffTheSpot

Before I get into the 2020 recap, I thought I'd recap my career for the casual reader; I was also feeling nostalgic as I just had my 5 year anniversary of pursuing poker full time.So let's go back to....2015It was May of 2015, I had just graduated from Salisbury University and was looking forward to moving on with my life....

Dec 31 2020

Poker recap of 2020 (with graph!!!) - MMAsherdog Blog

Dec 31 2020 Published at BluffTheSpot

2020 end of year updateIt was a long and hectic year, but we managed to get through it.After a somewhat disappointing 2019, I managed to bounce back with an excellent year.After a slow start without much action, the games became amazing for about 6 months straight, at the height of the pandemic.They have since died down quite a bit,...

Oct 31 2020

October update - MMAsherdog Blog

Oct 31 2020 Published at BluffTheSpot

The month started off pretty slowly, probably a delayed WSOP summer effect, but it eventually picked up.The month wasn't that swingy, which I really don't mind as a highstakes poker player who's seen variance take a year to outrun. Now, the games are juicy again, with some special VIPs...

Sep 30 2020

Playing 500/1k/2k - MMAsherdog Blog

Sep 30 2020 Published at BluffTheSpot

Last few months, graph now fully updated and accurateIt's been quite a while since I updated my graph, and it's about time.In the last few weeks, I have put in 20k+ hands after having gotten my GG account back and finally kicked the mediocre run I was on. I managed to import lots of 200/400 and 75/150 action on ACR as...

May 31 2020

Running hot - MMAsherdog Blog

May 31 2020 Published at BluffTheSpot

The game were definitely worse last month, but still far better than in May 2019. I made sure to make the most out of it but by playing a bunch, and by checking the run good box.I also did a ton of coaching for Bluffthespot and content creation for our new lab which was released yesterday, so I can relax a little...

Mar 24 2020

Poker Mindset: How to Warm Up Your Brain Before a Poker Session

Mar 24 2020 Published at BluffTheSpot

It's funny. When you think about professional sports, do you know an athlete that doesn't warm up before his work out? In sports, it's out of question whether you warm yourself up or not. Because if you don't, your risk of injuries increases drastically. Now, what's the funny thing? In poker, many players don't even think about warming up before a grind...

Mar 16 2020

Different types of recreational Poker players and how to exploit them correctly

Mar 16 2020 Published at BluffTheSpot

There are a lot of discussions about GTO going on these days. At which stakes does GTO start to matter? Should you play an exploitative style, or should you play optimally? At BluffTheSpot, our main goal is to turn our players into optimal player. But our definition of an optimal player might surprise you: "An optimal player is someone who has a very...

Mar 14 2020

Viva la mexica

Mar 14 2020 Published at BluffTheSpot

I arrived in Playa del Carmen a few days ago and rented an Airbnb.In the last months or two, I didn't manage to play a lot of poker, but I am fully back on the grind now, and the plan is to grind like a mad man for a while.I'll be waking up, turning on my PC, and grinding until I...

Feb 05 2020

New Cashgame Structure on PartyPoker: How You Adjust Correctly and Increase Your Edge

Feb 05 2020 Published at BluffTheSpot

Paying an Ante upfront is common for tournament poker and deep stack cash games to induce more action. However, PartyPoker recently decided to change its Cash Game structure and introduced an ante in regular cash games too. But what does this mean for you as a poker player? How do you adjust to this new structure on the PartyPoker Cash Game tables? ...

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