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Jul 19 2008

Day 18

Hands Played Today: 7099Total Hands Played: 71979Hands Needed: 128021Pace: 116129 (-44150)Comments:Ran like God today. No one would believe how much money I make at micro stakes if I told them. I've been on a true heater the past 14k hands. I don't believe I have ever had a heater this long before in over a million lifetime hands. Its amazing how quickly things...

Jul 18 2008

Day 17

Hands Played Today: 7334Total Hands Played: 64880Hands Needed: 135120Pace: 109677 (-44797)Comments:Got in an ok amount of hands today. Just 2 sessions, 3k hands and 4k hands. Gonna need more if I'm gonna have any chance in this challenge. On the bright side, I actually ran good today and made a bunch of money. Thats always nice.Its amazing how you can run bad for...

Jul 17 2008

Day 16

Hands Played Today: 8715Total Hands Played: 57546Hands Needed: 142454Pace: 103226 (-45680)Comments:Played quite a bit again today. Ran quite poorly for the second day in a row. Need to work on my tilt control a bit. There was definitely some spew today. I will try again tomorrow. The Pokerstars gods have to take pity on me at some point.

Jul 16 2008

Day 13-15

Hands Played Today: 12006Total Hands Played: 48831Hands Needed: 151169Pace: 96774 (-47943)Comments:Didn't play at all on Days 13 & 14, brilliant. All those hands were played today on Day 15. I am a bit further behind pace now, but why give up lol? Played all day, maybe most ever for one day, and ran like goatass pretty much the whole time. Hopefully I can...

Jul 12 2008

Day 6-12

Hands Played Today: 4887Total Hands Played: 36825Hands Needed: 163175Pace: 77424 (-40599)Comments:Day 6-11, I didn't even play at all. Highly intelligent on my part as per usual. I have had a big problem with consistency for a long time now. I have to challenge myself to overcome it.It will be a pretty tall mountain to climb now, 200k hands in July, but I'm not...

Jul 05 2008

Day 5

Hands Played Today: 7187Total Hands Played: 31938Hands Needed: 168062Pace: 32260 (-322)Comments:First session went great. Second went pretty terrible. I think I ran KK into AA 5 times today. Not sure if there were any in my favor and with countless coolers and beats, it was tough to get good results. But I played great I thought and of course won a bunch of...

Jul 04 2008

Day 4

Hands Played Today: 6162Total Hands Played: 24751Hands Needed: 175249Pace: 25808 (-1057)Comments:Didn't play as many hands as I wanted to today. Had a few things to do, but was still too lazy. 6162 hands only took 4.72 hours. I need to put in more hours and stop messing around on forums and such.I won again and actually had my best day winnings wise of...

Jul 03 2008

Day 1

Hands Played Today: 6978Total Hands Played: 6978Hands Needed: 193022Pace: 6452 (+526)Comments: Have to cut the day short cuz I'm going to that concert tonight (Kenny Wayne Shepherd). Happy to get in that many hands. Ran about normal I felt. My winrate is already absurdish high cuz I play such low stakes but was even higher today. 24 ptbb/100 lol.I think this is due...

Day 2 & 3

Hands Played Today: 11611Total Hands Played: 18589Hands Needed: 181411Pace: 19356 (-767)Comments:I didn't actually get a chance to play on Day 2. I stayed the night at a friends after the concert. Day 3 I played a lot. Over 4 sessions I probably ran close to average by the end. Sessions 1 &3 were a bit brutal and I ran pretty good in 2...

Jun 30 2008

July Challenge

Gonna try and put in 200k hands in July and record my progress each day on here. My best for a month is 125k I believe, so it will be a lofty challenge to be sure. Just so I remember for my first post I want a Hands Played Today/Total Hands Played/Hands Needed/Pace +/- Then a comments section below.Just to update this year...

Nov 24 2007

I see flops in my dreams :o

Played 96k hands this month so far and I took the first five days off and recently had another 4 day stretch off. My previous highest total for an entire month was just 75k. So I've been doing several 6, 8, 10k hand days where I play 6-10 hours. If only I could have figured out how to do this 3 years ago,...

Nov 17 2007

Mega Multitabling

Back to poker here. I have played over 50k hands in the last week and a bit. While I split my time between Stars and Full Tilt, its been all Stars lately. They recently allowed 24 cash tables at once so I have been taking advantage of that. Playing really small stakes and maintaining a pretty decent hourly with so many tables.I'm not...

Sep 25 2007

This blog will be indefinetely out of use

While I am glad I started this thing and its nice to look back on, I wasn't able to play enough ultimately. Back on Pokerstars now, I have actually played a ton this month. But I won't resume posting in this blog until I continue to be serious about putting in the hours, and get back to playing at some reasonable limits. Else,...

Aug 22 2007

played a bit

Got a working HUD now which is pretty cool. I was probably a moran not to use one before. I def was. Just a couple hands on NL25 played today. Will try and get going some more at NL50 in next few days. Oh ya, the 100k in Aug. is off lol.Hands Played (NL25): 1501Results: +$37Rakeback: +$8Hands Played (August) 9665

Jul 05 2007


So I managed to play some poker last night. I took the last month and a half off. No idea why really. I'm basically retarded and like to throw away thousands of dollars. But nonetheless I'm back...again. Just going to play some low limits for the next week or so. My MT ratio was only 8.4 tonight and it felt fast at times...

May 19 2007

And back down we go

Another can't win night tonight. Just try and lose the least. Set over setted twice, KK to AA, nut flush beaten by 2 pair all in on turn etc. I haven't had a downswing like this since last summer. Its pretty sick. I wish it would stop but there isn't anything I can do. My play is solid. There isn't any tilt. I...

May 07 2007


Ya today was one of those days. First 1200 hands i'm not sure if I won any significant pot. I took a long string of 3/4 outers and I was probably stuck 2 or 3 buyins. I say probably b/c I never look at my cashier during play.Anyways, things turned around the rest of the session and I got it back little by...

Mar 09 2007

More of the same

Tonight was a bit boring. Players weren't quite as wild and I really didn't hit much of anything. But I am still running quite well. I didn't take a single bad beat tonight for literally any kind of significant sized pot.My biggest hand of the night was actually at the very end when I was shutting down the tables. I flopped a set...