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Mar 02 2021

The Only Poker Beginner Guide You Need (2021)

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. “The name of the game is no-limit Texas Hold'em, the game that takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master.” - Mike Sexton Poker is a deceptively simple game. Everyone can learn to play, but hardly anyone can actually be a long-term winner. After learning the rules and realizing that it’s

Feb 23 2021

The Best Poker Strategy Advice From The Art of War

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. “Poker is war. People pretend it is a game.” - Doyle Brunson With more than half a century of poker experience, Texas Dolly sure knows what he is talking about. Poker is war, albeit of a more civilized sort. And war, war never changes. So why not learn the lessons from the most famous...

Feb 16 2021

What to Do Versus a Big River Bet (3 Simple Tips)

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. Playing the river optimally is what makes or breaks your winrate. It’s the biggest money street and you often have to make a decision for your whole stack. The amount of money in the pot by the river often paralyzes players, because they are overly focused on the pot size, which affects their

Feb 09 2021

What to Do Versus a Pot Sized Bet From a Fish

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. Facing a pot sized bet can be a difficult spot to play. We are faced with a big decision, often in marginal situations, and have to decide then and there whether or not to continue and potentially put our entire stack on the line on consecutive streets, or give up right away and relinquish...

Feb 02 2021

5 Insanely Useful Advanced Poker Strategy Tips

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. Poker is an incredibly competitive game, and it’s no surprise by any means. Wherever there’s money, there’s people scrambling to get a piece of the action. One great thing about poker is that, unlike many other endeavours, there’s a minimum barrier of entry. Anyone can play, and anyone can win, and it only

Jan 26 2021

5 Guaranteed Ways to Quickly Improve Your Poker Skills (2021)

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. “There is no such thing as standing still. You either move forward or regress.” - Bohdi Sanders Mastering poker is a lifelong journey, and it’s never really complete. Poker is an incredibly competitive endeavour, and like anything else in life, success comes to those who are willing to work hard to outperform

Jan 19 2021

How a Stoic Mindset Can Make You a Much Better Poker Player

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. When looking at a high-stakes professional poker player losing a half a million dollar pot, or busting out of a huge tournament “in the bubble” and taking it in stride, the word “stoic” might come to mind. While colloquially referred to as someone who is calm and emotionless in the face

Jan 12 2021

How to Deal With Poker Variance (Pro's Guide 2021)

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. Handling the inevitable swings in poker is one of the biggest obstacles to success for any aspiring poker player. Doing everything right and seemingly getting punished for it over and over again is so incongruent to the human experience and preconceived notions of justice and fairness that most

Jan 04 2021

How to Prevent Bad Beats - Is It Possible?

Something that people ask me all the time is if you can prevent bad beats at the poker table. I am sure you are sick of getting so many bad beats in poker. So am I! So, is there anyway to make them go away? It is completely natural to ask this question because bad beats are actually one of the hardest parts...

Dec 24 2020

Christmas Sale On All My Poker Books and Videos

It's Christmas and that means all of my poker books and my poker video course will be 25% Off for the next few days. If you have been waiting to pick up one of my best selling poker books or my poker video course (especially as a Christmas gift for someone), now is the time to cash in on some big savings. Don't...

Dec 15 2020

How to Play Ace Jack Like the Pros

One of the hardest hands to play effectively in No Limit Hold'em is Ace Jack. While it is a very strong hand in theory, and will be a large long term winner for you, it will also often put you in all sorts of tricky spots. You need to know when to bet, raise and most importantly, when to fold with this hand....

Dec 08 2020

7 Simple Tips to CRUSH the Holiday Season Poker Games

The holidays are upon us and that means soft (easy) poker games. Because this is the time of year when people are inside more often and ready to gamble it up! With Covid this year the games have actually already been amazing throughout most of 2020, as most of you already know.This is because many newer and inexperienced players have taken up the...

Dec 02 2020

When to Raise the River (98% of Poker Pros Agree)

Something that confuses a lot of newer poker players in particular is when to raise the river. This is especially the case in small stakes games, which the majority of people play. Should you only raise the river with the nuts? How about with bluffs? How about with middle strength hands like trips weak kicker, top pair and so on? These are a...

Nov 26 2020

Black Friday Sale On All My Poker Books and Videos

Black Friday is upon us and that means the biggest sale of the year on all my poker strategy books and my poker video course.Everything will be 25% Off until Monday Nov 30 at midnight EST.If you have been waiting around to pick up one of my best selling poker books or my poker video course, now is the time to cash in...

Nov 16 2020

How to Avoid Coolers in Poker (Is It Possible?)

Something that people often ask me is if it is possible to avoid coolers in poker. Is there some magic way of sensing when you are facing a big setup hand? How do the pros get away in these situations and not lose all of their chips? I am going to answer all of these questions in this article. What is a Cooler...

Nov 10 2020

The #1 Poker Success Secret of WSOP Champions

Have you ever dreamed about playing at the final table of the WSOP (World Series of Poker)? Do you want to become a famous poker millionaire with all the gold and diamond bracelets to prove it? Maybe you have watched Rounders 87 times like me? I think we all have these poker dreams at some point. But the reality is that some people...

Nov 03 2020

Best Poker HUD For Mac 2020 (Used by Pros)

People often ask me what is the best poker HUD for Mac. And as a 10+ year online poker pro, who also uses a Mac, this has been something I have tested a lot over the years. Because the biggest problem facing Mac users is that a lot of the best poker HUDs out there are not compatible with a Mac. They only...

Oct 27 2020

Best Free Poker Ebook (Written by a Pro)

People often ask me what is the best free poker ebook these days. And there is pretty clearly one free poker ebook that stands out above all the rest in my opinion, mostly because it was written by a poker pro. But also because it teaches you the very best proven poker strategies to beat today's small stakes poker games either online or...

Oct 21 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Poker Staking (2020)

This post was written by guest contributor Roger Marquez Poker staking has blown up in recent years. In fact, many people are shocked to learn that most high stakes pros these days are staked (i.e. they are not playing on their own money). Now there are many different staking arrangements these days and many in between cases where a pro still has...

Oct 13 2020

Is PokerStars a Total Joke? (What You Need to Know)

Many people ask me these days, is PokerStars a total joke? And believe me, I get it!I have taken an unbelievable amount of bad beats on this site. So much so, that at times I am left wondering how it is not totally rigged for action? But is there some real treachery going on behind the scenes these days at PokerStars? Is PokerStars...