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Jul 20 2021

The Ultimate Poker Odds Cheat Sheet (2021)

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan A lot of beginner poker players struggle with the math concepts that are the core part of the game of poker. While some aspects of the game can be quite advanced, most of the basic math concepts are actually really simple, and being familiar with them is the key for your poker success. One...

Jul 14 2021

How to Make $100 an Hour Playing Poker

This article was written by contributor Fran FerlanPeople often ask me how to make a good wage from poker such as $100 an hour. But let’s get one thing clear right off the bat. Earning a hundred bucks an hour from poker consistently is impossible. It’s just the nature of the game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The best you can...

Jul 10 2021

Are Poker HUDs Worth It? (It Might Surprise You)

People often ask me these days if it is worth it to use a poker HUD. Or do you really need to use a poker HUD in order to win at online poker? And my answer is pretty much always the same. If you are serious about online poker, then yes, using a HUD is definitely worth it. As an online poker pro,...

Jul 05 2021

The Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker Cheat Sheet (2021)

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. Learning the winning poker strategy can be daunting. With an overwhelming amount of material available, it can be challenging to know where to even start.This article will give you a complete step-by-step breakdown of what it takes to start winning in Texas Holdem poker quickly,

Jun 22 2021

How to Make $100,000 a Year From Poker

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. Poker can be a profitable hobby and can even earn you a considerable side income. But what if your ambitions are bigger than raking in a few hundred dollars a month? This is a question that I get asked a lot. So today we are going to do a deep dive into it. How...

Jun 18 2021

Is GGPoker Rigged? Here's What You Need to Know

People often ask me if GGPoker is rigged and if it is a legit online poker site to play on. And it is certainly a reasonable question when a relative newcomer to online poker like GGPoker explodes onto the scene, increasing a lot in popularity in recent years. People want to know why they are getting so many bad beats on GGPoker. Is...

Jun 14 2021

How to Go from $0 to $1000 Quickly in Poker

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. Earning a thousand dollars playing poker is a huge milestone on your journey to poker greatness. But the road towards it is paved with obstacles, and it’s anything but easy. However, with the right strategy and adequate preparation, it can be achieved, even with little or no starting capital. This article

Jun 07 2021

7 Proven Poker Strategies From Warren Buffet Investing Principles

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan.At a first glance, poker and the stock market don’t share the same conceptual universe. After all, one is pure gambling, and the other is a sophisticated skill game of math and psychology.In one the successes and failures are at a whim of external forces beyond the individual’s control,

May 31 2021

How to Beat 25NL - The Essential Guide (2021)

May 31 2021 Published at BlackRain79 - Micro Stakes Poker Strategy under tags  25nl

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. Getting to NL25 is one of the biggest milestones on your way to poker greatness, and is arguably one of the hardest limit jumps to make.What is 25NL?NL25 or 25NL is the popular 10 cent / 25 cent blinds cash games online where the maximum buyin is typically $25. 25NL games are usually played...

May 21 2021

How to Increase Your Zoom Poker Winrate (2021)

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan.Fast fold poker (aka Zoom) can be quite appealing due to its lightning fast action. Less waiting and more playing, what could be better? However, it does have considerable disadvantages to regular games, namely the inability to seat select and difficulty in getting reliable reads due to the player's anonymity. This means that

May 11 2021

Alec's Academy Review - Is It Worth It?

This review of Alec's Academy was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. Today I am going to review the brand new Alec's Academy poker course. Alec Torelli is a professional poker player with over 15 years of experience. He specializes in high stakes cash games, but he’s had notable success with tournament poker as well, with total earnings of over $

Apr 29 2021

When Should You Bluff The River? (Step by Step Guide)

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. Bluffing the river is something a lot of players struggle with, and some of them don’t even do it at all. And it’s understandable. Not only is there so much information to consider, the amount of money in the pot by the river often blindsides players, and they just don’t have the nerve to...

Apr 21 2021

Should You Bet the River? 3 Questions to Ask

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. The river is the biggest money street in no-limit Texas Hold’em, and playing it optimally is what makes or breaks your winrate. So it’s important to know when to, and more importantly, when not to fire off a bet on the river. As is usually the case in poker, whether or not it’s profitable...

Apr 13 2021

Should I Bet the Turn? 7 Questions to Ask

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan.When it comes to poker strategy, the turn play is somewhat neglected or glossed over compared to other streets. There’s an abundance of information about preflop play, there are tons of charts and step-by step guides, and there’s no shortage of information about flop textures and optimal c-betting frequencies. But by the turn

Apr 05 2021

Spring Sale: 30% Off All My Poker Books and Videos

Spring is finally upon us. So I am going to drop some deep discounts on all my poker strategy books and my poker video course to help you get crushing the poker games. Everything will be 30% Off until Friday April 9th at midnight EST. As you guys know, I very rarely run any discounts or sales on my poker books and videos....

Mar 30 2021

How to Play Poker When You Don't Have The Time

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. We live in an incredibly fast paced world, and sometimes it feels like there’s just not enough hours in a day. Between your day job, family, friends, chores and increasingly shorter leisure time, it can be hard to find the time to play poker, let alone make it a profitable side hustle. You

Mar 22 2021

5 Advanced Cash Game Strategies That Nobody Talks About

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan.Poker is an incredibly competitive game, and it seems to get progressively more so every passing year. What used to be a tried and true winning strategy in the past can only bring you mediocre results today.After all, if everyone is doing the same thing, everyone will have the same results by default. With

Mar 15 2021

How Often Should You Bluff in Poker? Pro's Guide

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. Bluffing is definitely one of the most exciting aspects of poker. So much so that it almost became synonymous with the whole game itself. And it’s no wonder. Nothing can quite get your juices flowing like successfully pushing your opponent out of a huge pot while holding complete air. It’s fun, exciting, and it

Mar 08 2021

Should You Limp with AK? Here's What the Pros Do

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan.Ace King is the strongest drawing hand in no-limit Texas Holdem, and it should be one of your biggest money-making hands long term, trailing behind only premium pocket pairs, from pocket Tens and upwards. Players tend to either hate or love the Big Slick (Ace King). While

Mar 02 2021

The Only Poker Beginner Guide You Need (2021)

This article was written by contributor Fran Ferlan. “The name of the game is no-limit Texas Hold'em, the game that takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master.” - Mike Sexton Poker is a deceptively simple game. Everyone can learn to play, but hardly anyone can actually be a long-term winner. After learning the rules and realizing that it’s