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Sep 30 2021

Live Poker: 5 Tips for Successful Play

Playing live poker can be a lot of fun. Whether you play in a home game with friends or visit your local casino, live poker games often offer a sociable and relaxed environment where you can play some hands, have a few drinks, and chat with other players. But if you’re serious about poker, there is one thing that you’re interested in above...

Sep 28 2021

Endgame Poker Strategy: The ICM Book (Excerpt)

This is an exclusive excerpt from Endgame Poker Strategy: The ICM Book by Dara O’Kearney and Barry Carter. It is the first book to cover the topic of ICM (poker's Independent Chip Model) and includes everything from the bubble, final tables, game selection, postflop, staking, final table deals and much more....

Sep 25 2021

Poker Tips by George: The Language of Poker

Like all things good or bad, poker too has a language of its own. Back in 1999, Michael Weisenberg wrote The Official Dictionary of Poker. Even before that, there were many excellent poker books that included pages of glossaries. More recently, it was only to be expected that, as more players joined our poker world, new terms would be added. On top...

Sep 24 2021

Poker Tips by George: Odds and Outs – Playing a Draw

Playing hold’em, on the flop you have connected to a drawing hand. It happens often. To be a more consistent winner make good use of your card outs and odds, along with the pot odds. This is especially important in middle/small limit hold’em games, where it is more difficult to scare off opponents with a big semi-bluff bet....

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