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Mar 27 2022

The Pros and Cons of Playing the Rush

Poker can be the most difficult game in the world to achieve success. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on the strategy, luck can kick you in the two-outers and you’ve lost your tournament life. Just as we all know how it feels to have a rough session on casino sites for playing video poker, the overwhelming majority of poker...

Mar 22 2022

Poker Tips by George: More about Alzheimer’s and Poker

Undoubtedly, you are familiar with Alzheimer’s disease, a horrible disease that deteriorates peoples’ minds – and ultimately can lead to death. Alzheimer’s is by far the most common form of dementia. In the U.S., about 7 million people are now living with Alzheimer’s, by 2050 that number is expected to double to 14 million, and the costs for care and treatment are expected...

Feb 24 2022

Poker Tips by George: Dominated!

Most Hold’em poker players are familiar with the concept of dominated hands. This type of hand also occurs in other poker games that use community cards dealt out on the board. As a hand progresses, dominated-hand situations can change drastically. It is important to know how to play them, and what to look out for. In his discussion of No-Limit Hold’em in his...

Feb 01 2022

Poker Tips by George: How Could He?

In poker, the cards are randomly dealt. We have no control over them. Sure, we can always hope – even pray – they will be good for us, but it’s just a matter of chance. Call it “luck.” In a recent issue of the Los Angeles Times newspaper, veteran poker media personality Chad Holloway writes a fascinating column that caused me to think...

Jan 24 2022

Poker Tips by George: Luck is Always There

No matter how skilled you are, luck is always there, ready to strike. Whether it’s good luck or bad luck, you have no control. Luck is another way of saying “chance” – the possibility that something will happen. That's the kind of thing you can read more about on the Mystino Blog. Play poker and, rest assured, luck will come your way....

Dec 13 2021

Poker Tips by George: Table Selection

Almost all poker players are aware of the need to carefully select their starting hands. There are many charts available for that purpose. Some of us use the Hold’em Algorithm to help. But few players give much thought to selecting the table at which they will invest their chips. Table selection is based on the poker traits of our opponents, knowledge of which...

Nov 26 2021

Poker Tips by George: Skills Are the Key

Be it your career, your family life, poker, or any other game, skills are essential to success. Without skills, you are just gambling – depending on luck to influence your outcomes. And based on the mathematical probabilities, while you COULD win, most likely you will end up losing a little when gambling. If you're already determined to play luck-based games, you may as...

Nov 22 2021

Poker Tips by George: Thou Shalt – Play with Rules

We live by rules. Every game has rules. For instance there are blackjack rules and there are also poker rules. To succeed in either game, you must observe certain rules. Years ago, I developed my original “Four Basic Rules for Winning at Poker.” They have been modified over the years as I gained experience, and now there are six. To be sure, I'm...

Oct 29 2021

Poker Tips by George: The Beauty of Slow Play

Deception is a vital part of the game of Texas Hold 'Em. If you rarely try to deceive your opponents, you are hardly ever a winner. Bluffing and semi- bluffing are the deceptive strategies most often used. But, hard to believe, there are recreational and novice players who insist they will “never” bluff. Other deceptive strategies include slow play, trapping, sandbagging, and...

Oct 12 2021

Poker Tips by George: Raising Pre-Flop

Most of us are recreational poker players. We play the game for intellectual challenge, excitement, and social interaction. But poker is more than a hobby. Our goal is to win as much money as possible – and lose much less. That’s why most of us generally stick to low/middle limit hold ’em games. However, we play in casinos like https://www.mystino.com/ja/games/all/ and cardrooms...

Oct 08 2021

Top 5 Reliable Poker Tells

Live reads are a widely debated area of poker. Some will say that live reads are the most important part of playing poker. Others will tell you it’s a waste of time to play based on anything other than percentages. Both camps would be wrong. The usefulness of poker tells depends on the game you are playing. Do you find yourself sitting in...

Sep 23 2021

Poker Tips by George: More Daring

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, I sensed positive changes in our poker world. There was a growing interest in the game. Also, judging by my observations, more young adults, especially women, were joining our ranks at the tables. And these younger newbies seemed much less risk-averse – more daring than us old-timers. For a while now, I have been contemplating making some significant...

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