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May 19 2022

Is Online Roulette Rigged or a Fair Game – How to Know for Sure?

May 19 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Imagine this. You sign up with an online casino, claim an online bonus, and start playing your favorite roulette game. Then, as you amass a solid amount of chips in the game, your luck turns against you, and you end up losing more than you’ve won. All online gamblers have experienced this feeling at some point. And, in such situations, the player is...

May 12 2022

Top Casino Table Games That You Must Try at Least Once

May 12 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

The answer to what the best casino table game is will vary from gambler to gambler, depending on who you ask. This is perfectly understandable, as every casino player has different preferences, bankrolls, and what they consider to be entertaining. At the end of the day, only you can tell which casino table game is worth your attention and money. That said, some...

May 11 2022

[Updated] Mypokercoaching Freeroll League on Pokerstars – Join The Action!

May 11 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  reviews

Next tournament - 19:00 CET, 2022 May 14th Password - secondbattle We are happy to announce we are launching our own exclusive freeroll league on PokerStars. If you do not have an account yet, you can...

May 05 2022

Are Slot Machines Rigged or Not – How to Know for Sure?

May 05 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

If you’re wondering are casino machines rigged, how to determine if they are, and how to avoid such games, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions slot machine players have. So, to learn the truth about how slots work and how casinos rig them, make sure to read until the end! Are Slot...

May 04 2022

Poker Near Me – How to Find Poker Tournaments and Cash Games Near Me?

May 04 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  interesting

The popularity of poker has exploded over the last two decades, with millions of new players of all ages entering the game and starting to play it across all formats. Online poker is the natural entry point into poker for many young players sitting at home and watching the TV poker shows, but many would agree that live poker is a lot more...

Apr 28 2022

American Roulette Wheel Breakdown – Learn All You Need To Know

Apr 28 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

If you’ve never played roulette, you might assume that roulette wheels are the same in different variations, or that the specific number placement on the American roulette wheel is random. However, this is far from fact, as the US roulette wheel features a specific number layout for a reason. In this detailed guide to the American roulette wheel, we’ll break down the number...

Apr 26 2022

Fold Equity in Poker – How to Best Use It to Your Advantage

Apr 26 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  poker basics

If you have been playing poker for a while, you have used the concept of fold equity on occasion, even if you were not fully aware of what it is. In the simplest of terms, fold equity is the equity you gain from your opponent folding their cards when you bet. Simply put, you don't have to show your cards or have the...

Apr 21 2022

How to Win at Keno – Top 15 Tips To Boost Your Chances

Apr 21 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Keno is a very simple chance-based game in which you need more luck than skill if you’re hoping to win. However, while keno is straightforward and easy to learn, there are many additional things you should know before putting your money in the game. We’re not promising you that you’ll have a 100% winning rate playing keno after you finish reading this page....

Apr 14 2022

Worst Hotels In Las Vegas – Should You Avoid These Places?

Apr 14 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Most gamblers associate Las Vegas with bright lights, huge and awe-inspiring casinos, and magnificent and luxurious hotels. While you can certainly find such things in the gambling capital of the world, not every hotel is worth your money. What’s more, there are some Las Vegas hotels you should try to avoid at all costs. We’ve browsed through many online reviews, read reports, and...

Apr 12 2022

Credit Card Roulette: How to Play & Should You Do It?

Apr 12 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  interesting

Nights out with friends can be incredibly exciting and fun, but the moment that sometimes ruins it is when the server brings the bill. For the most part, people are OK with paying their fair share of what’s owed. That said, there are certainly individuals who often try to weasel their way out of paying up when the time comes. Every group is...

Apr 07 2022

3 Card Monte Scam – Do You Know How You Get Tricked?

Apr 07 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

If you live in a big and bustling city or have visited one when traveling, you probably have noticed Three Card Monte scams on the street without even realizing what they are. This card game is presented as a fun and easy game in which everyone can participate just by walking to the street performer. However, 3 Card Monte is a fixed game...

Apr 06 2022

Phil Galfond Interview – From Crushing PLO To Launching Ultimate Training Program

Apr 06 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  interesting players

Phil Galfond is one of the best PLO players walking the earth, a passionate entrepreneur, and an excellent poker ambassador, so we are thrilled to welcome him for this exclusive interview. Today, he joined us to talk about his poker journey, an exciting new training course called This Is PLO, and his endeavors. So let's dig in!...

Mar 31 2022

Jackpot Slots – Everything You Need to Know About Progressive Jackpots

Mar 31 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Progressive jackpot slots are the most rewarding type of casino game in both land-based and online casinos. Theoretically, you can put in pocket change and win millions in return if you’re lucky. But, is this really true, and how can progressive jackpot slots pay out such mind-boggling amounts of money? In this article, we’ll talk about every...

Mar 29 2022

Teddy KGB – Meet One of the Most Famous Fictional Poker Players

Mar 29 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  interesting

Filmed in 1998 and starring Matt Damon, Rounders may not be on too many Hollywood top lists, but to this day, it remains the most popular mainstream movie about the world of poker players. Mike McDermott, who is played by Matt Damon himself, is the main protagonist of the film and a character that many young poker players saw glimpses of themselves in....

Mar 24 2022

Casino Slot Machine Secrets Exposed – Do You Know The Reality?

Mar 24 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Casino slot machines are by far the most popular type of game you can find in any casino. As they are luck-based and don’t require any extensive knowledge, anyone can play them without much learning. But, precisely because these games completely revolve around luck, many of their aspects are covered in mystery. Most players aren’t aware of the most common slot machine secrets...

Mar 23 2022

Can Gambling Take Over You & Is It Possible to Bounce Back?

Mar 23 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino blog

The gaming industry is a world unto itself. There are no windows and no clocks, but there are flickering lights, along with the cacophony of minted coins and the hum of the fruit machine. Beyond ports, numbers are fascinated at the craps table. The passion for Texas Hold'em has reached new heights with the broadcast of Texas Hold'em...

Mar 17 2022

Mobile Casino Pros & Cons – An Online Casino in Your Pocket

Mar 17 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Online gambling has evolved immensely since its inception in the mid-1990s. One of the most impressive examples of this innovation is the invention of mobile casinos. With modern mobile casinos, you can carry your favorite gambling games in your pocket and play them anywhere, anytime you want. Besides the great flexibility and convenience mobile casinos bring in this sense, they also come with...

Mar 10 2022

Top Casino Card Games That You Should Try in 2022

Mar 10 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

With so many card games in casinos just waiting for you to try them out, picking one to test your luck on can be challenging. This is especially true if you’re just starting out and don’t know which card games pay out best or which would be the most entertaining for you to play. In this article, we’ll go over the top ten...

Mar 08 2022

Twitch Poker Streamers to Follow – Top Channels & Best Content

Mar 08 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  interesting

Poker fans have had an opportunity to watch their favorite game on TV for some two decades, while the birth of online poker also brought new opportunities with it. During the poker boom, videos of people playing online poker and explaining their play became very popular and helped shape a whole new generation of poker players....

Mar 03 2022

Wagering Meaning – Master Wagering Requirements and Pick the Best Online Casinos

Mar 03 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

One of the greatest advantages online casinos have over their land-based counterparts is the existence of online bonuses and promotions. When you sign up with an online casino, you’re usually greeted with a generous welcome bonus you can use to boost your gambling bankroll. However, this bonus doesn’t come free of any terms and conditions....

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