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Oct 16 2022

How To Count Cards In Poker – Can This Actually Work?

Oct 16 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  poker basics

Card counting is a technique that is primarily used in blackjack to gain an advantage over the casino. Because this strategy impacts the house edge, most casinos will ban players who use it. However, if you are wondering can this strategy also be used in other card games, you have come to the right place. In this article, we explain...

Oct 09 2022

Poker Outfits – How to Pick a Costume For Your Poker Night

Oct 09 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  interesting poker blog

There’s no denying that the way we dress and our overall appearance play a huge role in how people view us. This truth especially applies in poker. So much so that your attire can have a direct impact on your success at the felt table. Depending on whether you’re playing in a poker tournament or a cash game with your friends, there are...

Oct 04 2022

Mississippi Stud Poker Rules – Learn How to Play This Casino Game

Oct 04 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino blog

If you’re not an experienced casino goer, you might not have heard about Mississippi Stud Poker. This is understandable, as this relatively young poker game isn’t nearly as widespread as some other formats. Moreover, Mississippi Stud Poker is a unique poker variation with a lot of quirky aspects that you won’t find in other games....

Sep 27 2022

Poker Dice Game – How to Play Some Poker Without Cards

Sep 27 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino interesting

Do you like experimenting with different poker variations? If so, there’s hardly a more unique and novel poker game than one involving poker dice. At first thought, how can such a game even work? Moreover, is it a player- friendly game, and where can you play these games? We’ll go over the history of poker dice and card games, discussing everything from simple gameplay...

Sep 24 2022

Rounders 2 – Will There Be a Sequel to the Cult Movie?

Sep 24 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  interesting poker blog

Featuring Matt Damon in the lead role, “Rounders” is the most popular poker movie of all time, and by quite some margin. The movie was released in 1998, before the Poker Boom, and was not incredibly successful right off the bat. However, as the game of poker received international fame in the early 2000s, Rounders grew into a cult movie, with...

Sep 19 2022

The Game Plan Review – A Different Course by Kevin Rabichow

Sep 19 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  reviews

While the lack of learning resources may have been a problem in the past, poker players looking to improve now face a completely different challenge. There are so many tools and coaching platforms that it’s difficult to choose and make the most of these opportunities. This is where the latest course by Run It Once, taught by Kevin...

Sep 17 2022

Famous Gamblers – Who Are the Best and Most Successful Gamblers in the World?

Sep 17 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  interesting

Even in modern times, the idea of gambling still has a dark cloud around it as it is often associated with a negative impact that it can have on the financial status of those who enjoy the activity. However, as someone once characterized gambling, it is only a problem if you are losing. If you are winning, there is no sweeter way of...

Sep 13 2022

How to Win Scratch Off Tickets – Top 9 Secrets to Help You Win

Sep 13 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Scratch off cards are a fun and exciting way to try your luck without getting too invested like with some other games. And while you probably already know that a strategy on how to win scratch offs every time does not exist, you probably don’t know that there are some strategies that you can implement to put yourself in the best position to...

Sep 06 2022

Dogs Playing Poker – Learn the Story Behind the Iconic Art Masterpiece

Sep 06 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  interesting poker blog

You have probably seen a picture showing dogs playing poker and smoking cigars at some point in your life, and if you are a poker player, you have probably seen it more times than you can remember. However, like most of us, you probably don't know that "Dogs Playing Poker" doesn't refer to only one painting but a whole series....

Sep 03 2022

Roulette Numbers Layout – Learn the Roulette Wheel by Heart

Sep 03 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

As roulette is a luck-based game, you don’t need to know many things or have significant tactical knowledge to play it. But one thing that can greatly increase your experience and even impact your success in the game is knowing the roulette wheel numbers. With that in mind, there are several types of roulette games, each featuring different roulette numbers in terms of...

Aug 30 2022

What Is the Nuts in Poker and How to Play It

Aug 30 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  poker basics

Over the years, poker has developed tremendously. However, some of the things related to this card game have remained the same for decades. One of the things that hasn’t changed from the games in colonial America to the high- stakes games on TV and online poker rooms we have today is the terminology. When it...

Aug 27 2022

Facebook Casino Games – Enjoy Best Free Slots

Aug 27 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Facebook casino games are an excellent choice if you like gambling online but don’t want to spend any money doing so. Moreover, the social element of Facebook casino games allows you to play with your friends, share your successes, and enjoy a sense of community while gambling for free. That said, with so many Facebook games available, you need to know which games...

Aug 23 2022

How to Deal Texas Hold’em Poker – Prepare For Your Home Games

Aug 23 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  poker basics

There is something special in having the opportunity to beat your friends, coworkers, or neighbors in poker home games and then go on to mention it on every occasion you get. The joy of beating people you know in poker seems to be far superior to the one we get when we take a pot from a stranger in a casino....

Aug 20 2022

EU Casinos – Find the Biggest Casinos in Europe

Aug 20 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

When talking about the biggest and most extravagant casinos in the world, most gamblers would first think of Las Vegas, Macau, or even Atlantic City. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that European casinos aren’t closely associated with the topic of the biggest gambling establishments worldwide. However, this doesn’t mean that the...

Aug 16 2022

Phil Ivey MasterClass Review – Learn Poker from the Best

Aug 16 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  reviews

There are different poker courses out there targeting players of different levels of knowledge and experience. The one I’ll be looking into is Phil Ivey MasterClass, a relatively short and basic course, but the one worth watching. If you know anything about the MasterClass site, you know they’re not poker- specific. The site offers a variety of courses from different walks of life, and...

Aug 13 2022

Biggest Slot Machine Wins – What Are The Top Jackpots Of All Time?

Aug 13 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Many of us have at least once dreamt of hitting a huge slot machine jackpot that would change our lives for the better and for most of us this remains a dream. However, the people on this list don’t have to dream anymore as they were lucky enough to win the biggest slot machine prizes in history. 10\. $14.3 Million –...

Aug 02 2022

Modern Poker Theory Pros & Cons – Exploring New School of Thought

Aug 02 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  poker basics

Nowadays, if you are talking about modern poker theory the term that you are guaranteed to hear is GTO. GTO is one of the most commonly used poker terms in general and it stands for “Game Theory Optimal”. Modern poker theory describes the modern approach to the game heavily based on in-depth mathematical calculation. In this article, we will explain what game theory...

Jul 30 2022

Responsible Gambling – How to Gamble Responsibly and Safe

Jul 30 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Many people gamble and play casino games to escape the hardships of the real world. They spend countless hours at online casinos playing their favorite games and forget what's happening around them. This can be a feel-good moment for you, but eventually, you have to return to your regular life routine. Gambling can make...

Jul 28 2022

Is Pokerbros Rigged or Legit Poke App for Real Money?

Jul 28 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  interesting

Ever since the PPPoker app became available on the market in 2016, these types of mobile apps, including the PokerBros app, have become increasingly more popular. With the immense popularity of these types of poker rooms, a lot of other questions arose regarding their reputation. In this PokerBros review, we will answer the question: “Is PokerBros a rigged or a legit poker app...

Jul 27 2022

This Is PLO by Phil Galfond – Comprehensive Review

Jul 27 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  reviews

While plenty of training material is available for No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha resources are quite scarce. Those looking to improve in this growingly popular variation have limited resources to take advantage of, especially at the higher level, so take a look inside this! This Is PLO course available at Phil Galfond’s Run It Once training site aims...

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