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May 11 2022

3 Tips for Playing the Turn After Check-Raise Bluffing Flop

Suppose you call a preflop raise from the Big Blind with a hand like 6♥ 4♥ and the flop comes Q♦ 7♥ 3♠. The preflop raiser c-bets and the action is back on you. You think to yourself and say, “Damn, am I supposed to check-raise here?”...

Apr 20 2022

Apr 15 2022

Apr 08 2022

How to Crush the Guy Who Always C-Bets

Have you ever played against a player who seems to continuation bet (c-bet) every hand? This article will help you learn the key adjustments that will allow you...

Oct 15 2021

How to Play King-Queen Suited in Cash Games (Preflop and Postflop)

King-Queen suited is a pretty premium hand, but that doesn't stop your average poker player from playing it poorly. It's hard to mess up too much with super- premiums like pocket Aces or even Ace-King. But I see players overplay and underplay King-Queen...

Mar 19 2021

How to Print Money on Paired Flops as the Preflop Raiser

Playing well on paired boards is crucial in order to maximize your win-rate. To help with this, cash game pro Fried ‘mynameiskarl’ Meulders launched a learning module in the Upswing Lab course, focusing on how to play paired flops....

Mar 12 2021

This is When (And Why) World-Class Players Overbet the Turn

I think we can all agree there isn’t anything sexier in poker than a big overbet. (If there is, let me know what in the comments below.) From the early days of high stakes online poker, the overbet was first popularized by online legends like Tom Dwan...

Jan 11 2021

Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu at $200/$400: Two Live Bluffs Analyzed

If you haven't been following the Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu Heads Up Grudge Match, you've been missing out. Doug jumped out to a lead of almost a million, but Daniel has since cut the deficit to just under $500,000. The match has already provided amazing entertainment value to those following the action. But on top of all that, the grudge match...

Jan 04 2021

How to Play Strong Hands in a 3-Bet Pots (Hand Examples)

If you want to crush poker in 2021, you need to be an expert in 3-bet pots. Which is why for today’s article, we're going to be reviewing a few hands from a recent 500NL Zoom session played by cash game pro and Upswing Lab coach Fried ‘mynameiskarl’ Meulders. The focus of this review is going to be on playing strong hands in...

Dec 15 2020

How to Play Pocket Nines in Cash Games (Preflop Advice & Postflop Tips)

Middling pairs like pocket nines are among the most difficult-to-play starting hands in No-Limit Hold'em. Of course, even many beginners know that when you flop a set with a hand like nines you should usually be looking to put as many chips into the pot as possible… …but since you will only flop a set around 12% of the time,...

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