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Jan 18 2021

Huck Seed: Newest Poker Hall of Famer

Huck Seed is a reputable American professional poker player born on Jan 15, 1969. Seed spent most of his formative years in Corvallis, Montana. At a young age, his heart laid elsewhere, basketball. Thanks to his height and enviable basketball skills, he excelled on the court and managed to form Montana All- state and Caltech basketball teams. However, he took a hiatus from college...

Jan 14 2021

Sheldon Adelson’s death draws mixed reactions

Sheldon Adelson passed away on 12th January 2021 after a long battle with cancer. Sheldon Adelson was a very influential Casino Magnate and left quite a lasting impression on political and poker communities. In political circles, Adelson was a big-wig, wielding a lot of influence on Republican policies, especially during the Trump presidency. His influence was not localized to the US...

Jan 11 2021

Phil Galfond challenge: Galfond’s hot win streak continues

Over the past year, Phil Galfond has been hosting poker challenges known as “The Galfond Challenge”. Simply put, the Galfond Challenge is a high-profile heads-up match between Phil Galfond and handpicked challengers. Since announcing the challenge in 2019, Galfond has already played against several challengers, winning all the challenges. Well, his most notable win was against his very...

Jan 07 2021

Joseph Herbert wins 2020 WSOP main event US tournament

The US version of the World Series of Poker main event concluded with Joseph Hebert emerging the victor. Herbert is a 38-year old part-time poker player from Louisiana, United States. Unlike the previous year where the WSOP main event attracted players from different countries, the domestic tournament attracted a total of 705 players all domiciled in the United States....

Jan 04 2021

PokerBros: A revolutionary poker platform

Mobile technology development has been on a steady incline making mobile gaming extremely popular. In this modern era, anyone with a smartphone can play a myriad of casino games and participate in lucrative online poker tournaments. PokerBROS is an intuitive, fully functional mobile platform designed to suit different...

Dec 22 2020

Damian Salas wins GGPoker WSOP international leg

Damian Salas won the international leg of World Series of Poker main event after a long wait. 2020 has been a unique and challenging year, especially to the poker community. Due to Covid 19 restrictions in most countries, most poker tournaments were either cancelled or postponed, including WSOP. Customary, WSOP tournaments are held between July and September, but this year, it was...

Dec 18 2020

Phil Hellmuth: The leading WSOP grinder

Phil Hellmuth, a poker icon, was born on July 16, 1964, in Madison, Wisconsin. His antics and tirades notwithstanding, Hellmuth had a relatively humble upbringing and was the oldest of five siblings. He started playing board games at an early age with his brothers and sisters. However, he discovered poker while at the University of Wisconsin. At first, he used to play micro- stakes...

Dec 14 2020

Player Profile: Meet Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu is a professional poker player born on 6th July 1974 in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Negreanu’s love for gambling started at a young age. He was already pool hustling and playing poker by the age of 16. Immediately after leaving high school, albeit one credit short, he ventured into poker full-time in local casinos. For five years, Negreanu was able to amass...

Dec 11 2020

Player Profile: Meet Doug Polk

Doug Polk Player profile Doug Polk's rise to fame story is one for the books. Doug Polk is a 31-year-old poker player originally from Pasadena, California. He started playing poker at a young age. He dropped out of school at 19 to pursue poker full-time. Since then, his poker career has been steadily rising; from micro-stakes online poker to high roller live poker....

Dec 08 2020

Doug Polk Vs Daniel Negreanu grudge match: Polk takes a massive lead

Doug Polk extends lead to 600k The poker community is currently buzzing with excitement over the Doug Polk Vs Daniel Negreanu grudge match. From the start of the grudge match, it has been a roller-coaster. On the first day, Negreanu was firing on all cylinders and closed with a 116k lead. However, on the second day, Doug Polk managed to cut the lead...

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