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Dec 21 2020

How A Beastly Pro Approaches Micro Stakes Games (Hand Analysis)

When it comes to the big blind, size does matter. People at different stakes play differently. Because of this, we thought it would be great to bring you some insight into how a higher stakes professional -- used to all of those theoretically advanced poker shenanigans -- approaches a game like the good ol' $0.25/$0.50 (aka 50NL). To do this, Upswing coach David...

Nov 19 2020

5 Burning Cash Game Questions Answered By Pros

Poker is a very complex game. Thankfully, there is a place for players who are trying to improve where they can have direct contact with fellow grinders and experienced professionals. As a member of the Upswing Lab training course, you gain access to the Upswing Engage Facebook group, where interactions between members and pros are commonplace. In today's article, we have selected...

Oct 30 2020

How “Game Flow” Should Impact Your Decisions in Poker

People aren't robots. Poker can be a very emotional game, which can cause even experienced players to lose control of their strategy as their stack rises and falls. A tight player with well-memorized ranges might start spewing chips after losing a few big pots. A maniacal 3-bettor might take his foot off the gas if he feels like no one is folding anymore....

Oct 20 2020

3 Hand Examples That Will Help You Overbet Better

No-limit holdem: Hours of boredom followed by moments of sheer terror. -Tom McEvoy A great way to strike terror into your opponents is by having a well thought out overbetting strategy. Even though overbetting has become prevalent in modern day poker games, I have found that not enough people work the tactic into their game. Or, they overbet in the wrong situations, costing...

Sep 18 2020

How I Won €151 From Fedor Holz (Hand Analysis)

Fedor Holz, at the age of 27, is already one of the biggest legends of the game. The German native ranks eighth on the all-time money list with $32,556,377 in career live tournament earnings in addition to two World Series of Poker bracelets....

Sep 11 2020

How To Play Ace-King On A Middling Flop After 3-Betting

Raise your hand if you feel like every time you 3-bet with AK, the flop brings three undercards. 3-bet pots are common, but the amount of money involved from the get-go makes things a bit more tense. Today we will try to ease that tension by explaining how to proceed on a pretty common board texture once your 3-bet gets called. The focus...

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