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Mar 31 2023

SET Over SET Turns Into QUADS!!! [Record-Breaking Pot]

Mar 31 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

This truly is the stuff of poker nightmares. What starts as a dream, flopping a set in a huge pot, quickly goes off the rails. At the time this hand went down, it was the largest pot in history at The Lodge. Let's break it down

Mar 30 2023

Matt Berkey BACKS OUT Of The Heads Up Challenge?!

Mar 30 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

THIS JUST IN! Phil Hellmuth wins a major poker tournament. Shaun Deeb accepts a potentially life-changing prop bet. The Nik Airball vs Matt Berkey heads up challenge hits a major roadblock. Nick Vertucci makes a huge laydown on Hustler Casino Live

Mar 29 2023

QUADS vs FULL HOUSE! The Worst Bad Beat In History

Mar 29 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

This hand is absolutely brutal. Imagine having POCKET ACES, filling up on the turn, and still losing to four-of-a-kind. Now imagine all of that, except it's for close to a million dollars in the pot. It's the stuff of nightmares. I'm shaking right now as I type this. I'm playing another $100,000 heads up challenge today! Check it out here:

Mar 28 2023


Mar 28 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

In this high stakes poker heads up challenge against Bill Perkins, this was the biggest pot of the day. In fact, it is now the biggest pot in the history of The Lodge live stream. I don't want to talk about this anymore. Just watch the video.

Mar 27 2023

Come Home, Landon

Mar 27 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

Please get out while you still can.

It's Time To Talk To Garrett Adelstein

Mar 27 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

After weeks of having verbal shots fired at him, Garrett Adelstein is joining me to give his side of the story.

Mar 26 2023


Mar 26 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

I don't even know what to say about this one. I'm just flabbergasted. This is a $700,000 pot where neither player can beat 9-high. This one comes from a high stakes poker cash game on the Triton high roller series in Madrid. In unrelated news, I'm taking a spontaneous vacation to the next Triton series. See you guys when I get back. No...

Mar 25 2023


Mar 25 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

This might be the hand of the year. Just an absolutely ludicrous situation went down last night on Hustler Casino Live. Three players are all in, each with monster hands and a quarter-million dollars in front of them. We're breaking down this incredible high stakes poker whirlwind today on Poker Hands. Check out the full HCL stream from last night here:

Garrett Adelstein BANNED From Hustler Casino Live?

Mar 25 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

We'll keep you updated as this story develops.

Mar 24 2023


Mar 24 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

THIS JUST IN! BREAKING NEWS! Doug Polk issues a $100,000 challenge. Garrett Adelstein responds to detractors about his game selection on Hustler Casino Live. A baffling high stakes poker hand goes down on PokerGO. All this and more, tonight on Polker News! Check out the interview with Nik Airball: Watch daily PokerGO content highlights on their YouTube Channel: Watch PokerGOโ€™s entire...

Mar 23 2023

POKER FRAUD Torches Money On Live TV [Embarrassing]

Mar 23 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

Today on Poker Hands we have a real treat for you. Matt Berkey faces off against Eric Hicks in a massive pot at high stakes no limit hold'em. But why is he getting so out of line? Perhaps he could use some high quality poker training. For more Live At The Bike action, check out their channel:

Mar 22 2023

HCL SCANDAL! Nik Airball Talks Garrett Adelstein

Mar 22 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

There's a bitter feud within the Hustler Casino Live community playing out over Twitter. Nik Airball and other players have had some not so positive things to say about former HCL regular Garrett Adelstein. Nik Airball joins Doug Polk to flesh out his perspective.

Mar 21 2023

Garrett Adelstein BANNED from Hustler Casino Live Stream??

Mar 21 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

This one is a BOMBSHELL! Fans have been clamoring to know when or if Garrett will return to the Hustler Casino Live stream. Finally, we have an update. HCL co-founder Nick Vertucci spoke out on his podcast. However, the aftermath of this podcast has been a tangled web of confusion. What on earth is going on? Don't miss out on the $2 MILLION...

Mar 20 2023

INCREDIBLE HEART From Mariano At @HustlerCasinoLive

Mar 20 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

This high stakes poker hand features a huge bluff for a lot of money, so naturally it's right in my wheelhouse. Double M is in a tough spot with top pair against repeated barrels from Mariano. What does the solver have to say about it?

Mar 19 2023

[UNCENSORED] Outrageous Tirade At High Stakes Poker Game

Mar 19 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

This hand is incredible. Not just in terms of the aggressive plays and huge dollar amounts, but for the sheer disrespect that Nik Airball shows to Daniel Cates (aka Jungleman). This is one for the ages, and it went down on @TheLodgeLive at the recent studio launch.

Mar 18 2023

TRASH TALKER Loses $730,000 In One Poker Game

Mar 18 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

BREAKING NEWS! Nik Airball dusts off an insane amount of money on @HustlerCasinoLive. Doug Polk sells out to music licensing companies. Phil Hellmuth sells his Las Vegas home. Live At The Bike fires shots at Nick Vertucci amidst rumors of the show relocating. Don't miss the $2 MILLION guarantee at The Lodge:

Mar 15 2023

Brad Owen CAN'T BELIEVE His Opponent Did This [Insane Poker Hand]

Mar 15 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

Welcome back to another edition of Poker Hands. This time we're breaking down a ridiculous hand from @TheLodgeLive where Brad Owen gets mixed up with the always unpredictable Taras. Playing one of the biggest pots of his life, Brad has a big decision to make. Was it the right one?

Mar 14 2023

The BIGGEST Cash Game Poker Hand In Live Stream History

Mar 14 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

This incredible hand went down on @HustlerCasinoLive and boy was it a doozie. Alan Keating turns the 2nd nut flush and faces a monster all-in on the river. Was this bluff by Handz reasonable? Let's dive in.

Mar 13 2023

CHEATING SCANDAL Update With Daniel Negreanu!

Mar 13 2023 Published at Doug Polk Poker

THIS JUST IN! @dnegspoker joins us live from the field to bring an update on the shocking cheating scandal involving Ali Imsimrovic. In other news, Robbi Jade Lew makes a splash at the 2023 Global Poker Awards. Chris Moneymaker's poker club gets shut down in Kentucky. Phil Galfond draws fire for his poker training software potentially being useful for real-time assistance. The Lodge...

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