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Mar 27 2023

Episode 401: Gloria Jackson

Not many people have worked harder than Gloria Jackson to get a poker career off the ground. She left school with only an 8th grade education to take care of her family, but later went back to get a GED ... Read more...

Mar 20 2023

Episode 400: Clip Show

Carlos and Andrew present and reflect on clips from the first four hundred episodes of Thinking Poker, with an emphasis on memorable characters and early predictions. Episode 2: Tommy Angelo Episode 6: Gareth Chantler Episode 10: Leo Wolpert Episode 21: ... Read more...

Mar 13 2023

Episode 399: Just Arnwine Part 2

In the second half of this epic interview, Justin Arnwine speaks with Carlos and Andrew about merit, representation, and gatekeeping; riding poker's emotional rollercoaster, recovering from frustration; and why high stakes games attract too much attention. Be sure to listen ... Read more...

Mar 05 2023

Episode 398: Justin Arnwine

In the first installment of this epic, four-hour interview Justin Arnwine discusses his poker career, his Hello Kitty wardrobe, and the influence of his mother, a civil rights activist and attorney. Justin's Hello Kitty Everything music video Barbara Arnwine in ... Read more...

Feb 27 2023

Episode 397: Caitlyn Cobb

Once homeless, Caitlyn Cobb now grinds ApeStyles videos and recently shipped over $170K for her second-place finish in the Potomac Winter Poker Open. She shares her extraordinary poker journey with Carlos and Andrew, plus the hassles of staying in shelters, ... Read more...

Feb 20 2023

Episode 396: Sam Grafton

Sam Grafton joins Carlos and Andrew to discuss moving up to the nosebleeds, staying competitive with the best players in the world, the politics of the super high roller circuit, and of course some literature recommendations: Deborah Levy Jorge Amado ... Read more...

Feb 13 2023

Episode 395: Jamie Kerstetter

Jamie Kerstetter joins Carlos and Andrew to talk WPT, WSOP, commentating, and the politics of high stakes cash game streams. Plus Andrew offers an overview of turn strategy. Support the podcast, get daily strategy discussions, *and* be eligible to win ... Read more...

Jan 30 2023

Episode 394: LoriAnn Persinger

Poker lover LoriAnn Persinger won a social media contest that earned her an entry into the $10K WPT World Championship, ultimately finishing 30th for $119,000! She speaks to Carlos and Andrew about the experience plus her long love affair with ... Read more...

Jan 16 2023

Episode 393: Tom “Tombos21” Boshoff

Poker theorist Tom "tombos21" Boshoff joins Andrew and Carlos to geek out about everything from how solvers work to when ICM becomes a factor in tournaments (it's sooner than you think!), balancing ICM and stack dynamics in PKOs, and so ... Read more...

Jan 03 2023

Episode 392: Ben Kushigian

Computer scientist and poker player Ben Kushigian talks to Carlos and Andrew about the limitations of poker solvers, what we don't know we don't know about them, how they could be improved, the potential for open source solutions, and more. ... Read more...

Dec 26 2022

Episode 391: 2022 In Review

Dec 26 2022 Published at Thinking Poker under tags  nlhe podcast poker poker strategy

Andrew and Carlos recap their year, starting with poker highlights and then branching out into their favorite music, shows, podcasts, and more. Support the podcast, get daily strategy discussions, *and* be eligible to win a one- month subscription to GTO Wizard ... Read more...

Dec 05 2022

Episode 390: Rapid Fire Strategy

Dec 05 2022 Published at Thinking Poker under tags  bluff bluff catch cash game mtt nlhe

Carlos and Andrew give rapid fire (by Thinking Poker standards) answers to questions from the Thinking Poker Daily patreon. Strategy Rob - Mark - Mackenzie - Kevin - Mark - Ben - Duncan -

Nov 11 2022

Episode 389: Big Raises

Carlos talks about playing on a livestreamed cash game at Best Bet Jacksonville. He and Andrew follow up on the discussion of big opening sizes from Episode 388 and review a hand where Andrew defended his big blind poorly off a 20bb stack....

Nov 01 2022

Long Lost Episode 93: Andrew “BalugaWhale” Seidman

In this long lost episode from 2014, Andrew and Nate Meyvis review a hand from a live $1/$2 cash game before talking with semi-professional poker player, entrepreneur, and DeucesCracked coach Andrew Seidman about a myriad of topics, including his book Easy ... Read more...

Oct 17 2022

Episode 388: Wizards

Andrew and Carlos announce a new sponsorship from GTO Wizard! They also discuss responding to unconventional raise sizes, why tournament players are always downswinging, and more. Now you can support the podcast, get daily strategy discussions, *and* be eligible to ... Read more...

Oct 03 2022

Episode 387: Kevin Rabichow

Coach and high stakes heads up pro turned MTT player Kevin Rabichow joins Carlos and Andrew to discuss the evolution of the heads up arena, efficient studying, and his new course The Game Plan. Support the podcast and hear daily ... Read more...

Sep 23 2022

Episode 386: Ten Years of the Thinking Poker Podcast

Original hosts Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis and frequent guest turned current host Carlos Welch look back on ten years of the Thinking Poker Podcast. How has poker changed? How has the podcast changed? How has the podcast changed poker? ... Read more...

Sep 13 2022

Episode 385: Josh Nixon

Josh Nixon was a student in the Boston Debate League when Andrew was the director. In the years since then, Josh been a serious Magic: The Gathering player, taken an interest in poker, and become a Program Director for the BDL. ... Read more...

Aug 29 2022

Episode 385: Alex Jacob

Jeopardy! champion Alex Jacob got his start in poker alongside Thinking Poker host emeritus Nate Meyvis, who also joins Andrew and Carlos for this conversation about poker, trivia, Jeopardy! strategy, and more. This week only, take 25% off Andrew and ... Read more...

Aug 16 2022

Episode 383: Angela Jordison and Jacki Burkhart

Angela Jordison and Jacki Burkhart have one of the sweetest friendships in poker. Fresh off deep runs in the WSOP Main Event, they join Carlos and Andrew to talk about how friendship helps you navigate the pressures of high stakes ... Read more...