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Mar 27 2023

✋ Stop With The Loss Leaders! #Poker #Shorts

Mar 27 2023 Published at The Poker Bank

Do you think that adding in some extra trash hands to your preflop ranges will make your monster hands more money? Think again, friend! I don't even need 1 minute of your time to explain why "loss leaders" simply do not work. Follow this simple advice, solidify your preflop strategy, and get even more tips in the full video:

Mar 07 2023


Mar 07 2023 Published at The Poker Bank

Even advanced #poker players make PREFLOP mistakes. While these mistakes may not be as glaring as beginner leaks, they still add up and chip away at your winrate. I am sharing 8 tips with you so you can solidify your preflop strategy today. All these tips were implemented in my #VLOG, especially regarding the sizing and preflop calling concepts. So make sure all...

Feb 28 2023

What Happens When You ASSUME In Poker?

Feb 28 2023 Published at The Poker Bank

Like it or not, #poker is all about making assumptions. Make good assumptions and it's much easier to choose the right play. Make bad assumptions and it's tough to make any profit. And what if you abandon making any assumptions at all!? In this video, I respond to a question left by Roger on "The Basics Of Poker EV" video. Roger says "Making...

Feb 03 2023

Are Poker Workbooks Too Tough?

Feb 03 2023 Published at The Poker Bank

Are #poker workbooks too hard? What are you really supposed to learn from a workbook? Are workbooks the right learning tool for every player? In this video, I reply to an email sent in by Derek, who said: "Good evening James, Some time ago I ordered your pre and post-flop workbooks but feel a bit intimidated by them not because you aren't great...

Feb 02 2023

9 POSTFLOP Tips For BEGINNER Poker Players

Feb 02 2023 Published at The Poker Bank

Beginner #poker players make a lot of POSTFLOP blunders. From bad c-bets, to over-folding in small SPR pots, to consistently paying off the wrong players. So here are 9 tips you can use to fix these mistakes immediately. Whether you've been playing poker for a while or are newer to the game, your postflop strategy must constantly improve. Many of the tips mentioned...

Jan 18 2023

🛑 Stop Slowplaying Preflop! Poker #Shorts

Jan 18 2023 Published at The Poker Bank

Honestly, new #poker players do too much slowplaying preflop, and it kills their winrate. Follow this simple advice, ramp up the aggression, and get even more tips in the full video:

Jan 17 2023

7 PREFLOP Poker Tips For NEW Players

Jan 17 2023 Published at The Poker Bank

New #poker players make a lot of PREFLOP mistakes, so I wanted to share 7 tips with you to fix these leaks quickly. By replacing losing plays and hands with either increased aggression or folds, preflop gets simpler. And postflop actually gets more profitable too! Many of these leaks were noticeable in my $1/$2 #VLOG where my opponents routinely made these errors. Open-limping,...

Dec 28 2022

1 TERRIBLE Turn Card With Top Pair (Poker VLOG 11)

Dec 28 2022 Published at The Poker Bank

Is there anything worse than an awful turn card? You work so hard to flop top pair, but then BANG, the next card sucks and you have to figure out the best play. Welcome to live #poker! This hand was from #vlog 11 where I raised in a straddle pot with ATo, got some callers, and flopped top pair on a fairly dry...

Dec 26 2022

Giving Up $1.14B For Ego!? Rampage Poker Poll. #shorts

Dec 26 2022 Published at The Poker Bank

Can we talk about the results from a @RampagePoker Twitter poll? Apparently, 2,280 #poker players would gladly give up an EXTRA $500K/year just to be considered an "elite pro" instead of a "donkey?" Who the heck are these people!? The original poll: And if you're so rich that'd you give up $500K per year, feel free to ship a few grand over...

Dec 20 2022

I Flopped The NUTS & The River SUCKS (Poker VLOG 11 Hand)

Dec 20 2022 Published at The Poker Bank

Flopping the nuts makes life easy, especially in a multiway pot. But what about when the river card is AWFUL? In this #poker hand, the river not only makes it incredibly tough to generate value (since it puts up an obvious 4-straight), but it's also against the sort of player you don't want to check to. Let's analyze this hand with KTo where...

Dec 19 2022

2022 Poker YouTube Channel Review (+$ Numbers!)

Dec 19 2022 Published at The Poker Bank

How did my #poker YouTube channel do in 2022? How many views did we get, new subs, and actual revenue? Did female viewership rise? Did my beard get even bigger? Let's answer (almost) all of these questions, plus a few that you didn't even ask. As a reminder, this is NOT meant to be a brag. Multiple numbers need improving, and I'm focused...

Dec 15 2022

Why Bother With Poker Workbooks?

Dec 15 2022 Published at The Poker Bank

Are you considering a #poker workbook, but you're not really sure if it's right for you? Or have you already picked one up, but you're not sure how to apply it? You're in the right place! In this video, I reply to an email sent in from a recent customer. They said: "Hello, I recently picked up a copy of The Postflop Workbook....

Dec 13 2022

5 FLUSH DRAW Mistakes That Fish Make

Dec 13 2022 Published at The Poker Bank

Fish make tons of mistakes with flush draws. They either play EVERY flush draw aggressively or EVERY flush draw passively - never really dialing in their aggression correctly. So let's analyze multiple FD situations to see some common #poker mistakes new and fishy players make. All of these hands were from my complete $1/$2 live poker #VLOG. Spots include everything from AK suited...

Dec 06 2022

Is This The STUPIDEST Fold With Pocket Kings?

Dec 06 2022 Published at The Poker Bank

The line between genius and idiot can be razor thin, and this #poker hand with pocket kings showcases that perfectly. I slow play KK preflop, catch more than one Ace on the flop, and end up with the second nuts. But what's the best play when facing a chunky check-raise on the river? Let's see if this was the stupidest fold with pocket...

Dec 01 2022

$420 Pot With A Set, But I Still MISSED Value!

Dec 01 2022 Published at The Poker Bank

Are pocket tens ever easy to play? Well, rivering a set in a 3-bet pot certainly makes things easier! But once villain checks, what is the best size to bet? What does a GTO #poker solver say? And did I miss tons of value in this hand!? I make a couple of mistakes in this $2/$5 live hand, beginning with preflop when facing...

Nov 30 2022

90% Of $2/$5 Players Screw This Hand Up

Nov 30 2022 Published at The Poker Bank

Most live #poker players are way too reactive when choosing their plays. And while they might end up betting a flush draw correctly, they tend to lack the proactive thought process to plan for different lines and sizes on the runout. This is a HUGE problem that can really cap your winrate! So let's review a hand from live $2/$5 where I defend...

Nov 22 2022

Only LOSERS Call With King Queen Here…

Nov 22 2022 Published at The Poker Bank

Even though many #poker players will call a raise with KQ here, 3-betting King Queen is going to be WAY better. Let's review a hand from #VLOG 10 where the HJ open-raises, the CO calls, and we have KQo on the button. I opt to make a large squeeze instead of just calling, and lay out the case for playing these spots more...

Nov 16 2022

6 Truths About LIVE Cash Game Poker

Nov 16 2022 Published at The Poker Bank

Live cash game #poker is totally different than playing online. With several unique facets, including tells, rake, and the inability to multi-table, live players need to prepare differently. This video shares six truths about live poker that I wish I fully understood as a newer player, so you can avoid making the same mistakes I did. Enjoy this addition to my #vlog and...

Nov 09 2022

GTO Wizard vs. Red Chip: SIZING In PREFLOP Ranges

Nov 09 2022 Published at The Poker Bank

With the popularity of GTO #poker, and the fact that GTO Wizard offers free preflop ranges, it's not shocking that players are comparing their ranges with the new Live GTO solve from Red Chip Poker. This video compares open-raising ranges, BTN 3-betting ranges, OOP 4-bet ranges, sizes, and more so that you know which solution is better for you. This entire discussion comes...

Nov 02 2022

6 Things I Wish I Knew When LEARNING POKER

Nov 02 2022 Published at The Poker Bank

There are so many skills to learn in #poker, but these are the 6 things I wish I had learned when I first started playing. Learning these poker concepts early, and implementing them well, sets you up for success. With these things understood, you can find more +EV bluffs, minimize tilt, and reinforce the strategic elements that actually matter. 0:00 Tips For Learning...

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