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Jan 21 2021

Effective Stacks In Poker | Terminology 101

Jan 21 2021 Published at The Poker Bank

Not 100% sure what effective #stacks are in poker? This short video explains what this poker term is, how to think about buying in as it relates to stack depth, and the upshot of being deeper against weaker players. 00:00 Intro 00:30 What Are Effective Stacks? 01:14 Buying In Short vs. Deep 03:14 Wrap Up *CORE* *RELATED LINKS* · Buying In Podcast:...

Jan 18 2021

Leak ALERT. Are You Misplaying All Your MULTIWAY Flops?

Jan 18 2021 Published at The Poker Bank

You raise preflop and get 5 callers. Are you making this common #multiway mistake? Most players do one of two things here: checking with the wrong intention or cbetting for the very wrong size. In this video, James and Chris discuss which play is best on this MW KT2 flop with AK. 00:00 Good morning 00:11 Preflop with AK 00:29 Multiway KT2 Flop...

Jan 13 2021

Did Durrrr Spew on High Stakes Poker?!

Jan 13 2021 Published at The Poker Bank

Tom Dwan, aka Durrrr, finds himself in an odd spot with JJ on the new season of High Stakes Poker. Dwan puts in almost $71,000 with one pair, but was it spew against a recreational player? James and Chris break this spot down, pull out the GTO solver, and explain what's going on in this hand. Concepts include why Durrrr's hand has awful...

Jan 11 2021

Leak ALERT. Is Folding Second Pair TOO Nitty?

Jan 11 2021 Published at The Poker Bank

Second pair is super awkward, especially when facing barrels. But knowing when to hold on and when to let go is a crucial skill to develop. In this video, SplitSuit and Cwar breakdown a forum hand with pocket Tens on a Jack-high flop facing a cbet and turn barrel. Concepts include 3betting vs. calling TT preflop, how the GTO solver would approach this...

Jan 04 2021

Down Bets (Small Flop Cbets & Big Turn Bets) | SplitSuit

Jan 04 2021 Published at The Poker Bank

Small flop continuation bets are all the rage, but is this a fad or a solid strategy? SplitSuit breaks down these "down bets" and explains how the #GTO solvers feel about them, what kind of players they work well against, and how to start protecting yourself against them. *THE MENTIONED WORKBOOK* *RELATED LINKS* · Pot odds: *FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL* ·...

Dec 02 2020

Calculating Poker Board Runouts (Turn + River Cards) | SplitSuit

Dec 02 2020 Published at The Poker Bank

Do you know how often #runouts will be favorable for you? Knowing how often the turn and river card will help your hand requires just a couple of formulas. In this video, you'll get shortcuts for both (so you can eyeball answers with ease) and practice with some examples like catching backdoor flushes, contending with overcards, and pairing the board when you flop...

Nov 25 2020

Do You Know When To Get All-in With Your Draws??

Nov 25 2020 Published at The Poker Bank

You find yourself in a small SPR pot with a nut flush draw...should you check or bet? What about going #all-in even if it's an overbet? This video breaks down a 1.7 SPR pot with a nut flush draw and calculates the EV of jamming the flop for $800. Would you make this play yourself? 0:00 Small SPR Pots 0:51 The Poker Hand...

Nov 17 2020

How Often Is The Flop Ace High In Poker?

Nov 17 2020 Published at The Poker Bank

While it seems like there's an Ace on every flop when you hold KK, there is a powerful tool to see exactly how often Ace-high flops happen. In this video, I use the Flop Breakdown tool within #Flopzilla Pro and show you how to set up the filters to understand how often these flop textures arise. 0:00 The Setup 1:04 The Flop Breakdown...

Sep 29 2020

The Power of Preflop Blockers in Poker

Sep 29 2020 Published at The Poker Bank

I go over how to build #preflop combinations while taking into account #blockers. *MY WORKBOOK ON POKER MATH* 0:00 What Are Blockers? 1:37 Blockers Exercises 13:37 Leveraging Flopzilla *RELATED LINKS* · · *FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL* · Twitter: · Facebook: · Instagram:...

Sep 17 2020

MASTER Postflop Range Analysis with SplitSuit

Sep 17 2020 Published at The Poker Bank

If you’re ready to study my best courses at your own pace, join today and use the code COINFLIP to save $50 off your first month. Just visit: Enter the code COINFLIP at checkout. Question: I’ve heard you and many others talking about players being at the top or bottom of their range when doing hand analysis. I understand what the terminology...

Sep 03 2020

Building Preflop Ranges With Hand Combinations | SplitSuit

Sep 03 2020 Published at The Poker Bank

I go over how to build #preflop #ranges with #combinations so that you can start understanding the underlying math behind preflop play. *MY WORKBOOK ON POKER MATH* Combos are incredibly important when it comes to breaking down preflop ranges at a more technical level. Especially when ranges, either current ranges or ranges your opponent might give action with, get narrow - having...

Aug 26 2020

Are You Calculating Poker Equity WRONG?

Aug 26 2020 Published at The Poker Bank

0:00 Equity Question 0:57 The 4-2 Rule 3:53 Should I Just Fold? 6:25 Work On Your Math Skills With My Workbook Joe asks: Let's say I am holding QJo in position heads up in a 3-bet pot and the flop comes 2h 5c 9s. Opponent bets 1/2 pot, giving me 3:1 odds. With 2 overcards, I have 24% equity to make top pair...

Aug 24 2020

The Math Behind Calling Preflop All-Ins | SplitSuit

Aug 24 2020 Published at The Poker Bank

Whenever you face a preflop all-in, there is some simple math you need to know to figure out if you should be calling or folding. This video shows you how to calculate the EV of these calls so you can feel confident making big calls (and big laydowns with deceptively strong hands). Keep in mind that you have two options when facing preflop...

Aug 22 2020

Going ALL-IN Preflop In Poker (The EV Of Shoving AIPF) | SplitSuit

Aug 22 2020 Published at The Poker Bank

Every preflop all-in at the poker table can be solved with simple math. In real-time you aren't able to use software and calculators, but with enough off-table practice, you can begin to estimate the EV of your shoves & jams with more accuracy. This video reviews two AIPF (all-in preflop) situations presented in the Preflop & Math Workbook. Both spots analyze a hand...

Aug 18 2020

Are You Running BAD? Are You Sure??

Aug 18 2020 Published at The Poker Bank

Michael asks: Hi James, my question is how do you know how well you are running in #livepoker? I have played about 500 hours live at 1/2 and am up about $7,000. Despite being up this amount of money, I honestly feel as though I am running a lot below EV. 0:00 How Are You Running? 0:59 Real Sample Sizes 1:39 Review Your...

Aug 12 2020

CRAZY Gambling? Or Just Good Poker? | SplitSuit

Aug 12 2020 Published at The Poker Bank

Check out my free, choose your own price spreadsheets: Answering bad poker questions, is going all in preflop like Russian roulette? We go over how to manage yourself when dealing with losses and #risk. Losing shouldn't be the end of the world or even an unexpected event. 0:00 Should You Fold AK Preflop? 1:24 Don't Be Irrational About Losing 2:07 Know Your...

Aug 06 2020

MASSIVE Leak, Folding Too Much In Poker | SplitSuit

Aug 06 2020 Published at The Poker Bank

While fishy poker players fold too rarely, many regs are folding too often in today's games. Folding may seem harmless since you avoid losing big pots, but losing heaps of small-medium pots is a massive leak. This video looks at #folding from a 10,000-foot view and gives you some simple ways to improving your continuance frequencies ASAP. The 1% Course: Podcast on...

Jul 28 2020

Pot Control & The Betting Lead In Poker | SplitSuit

Jul 28 2020 Published at The Poker Bank

When should you control the pot vs. continue betting? How does pot control relate to the betting lead in general? This video explains the main leak that 92% of regs have - a misunderstanding and misapplication of pot control. A big thank you to Andy for asking this question. As a reminder, every poker player is going to lose tons of pots. The...

Jul 21 2020

Playing 2NL With $50,000? Should You Beat Every Limit? | SplitSuit Poker

Jul 21 2020 Published at The Poker Bank

If you had a $50,000 bankroll, which limit would you start at? Would you start at 2NL, 50NL, 200NL, or even higher? This video breaks down the answer while addressing some other concerns like study time, tilting, valuing your time, and more. A special thank you to Frenchy for sending this question in. If you have your own poker question you'd like answered...

Jul 07 2020

What Are AUTO-PROFIT Bets In Poker? (+Examples) | SplitSuit

Jul 07 2020 Published at The Poker Bank

Auto-profit bets are the cornerstone of finding easy bluffs in every session you play. Whether a bluff is auto-profitable or not depends on two key factors: the breakeven percentage and your opponent's folding frequency. This video shows you how to do the key calculations and correctly eyeball if a bet would net you outright profits. SplitSuit breaks down the formulas, shares some simple...

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