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Jan 19 2023

Let’s Plug Poker Leaks and Improve Results – For Cash Games and Tournaments

Poker leaks are actions that you continually make that cost you money. They can be preflop leaks like too frequently limping or calling from the small blind. They can be post-flop leaks like folding to every cbet without holding a pair or triple-barrel bluffing too often. Or they can even be mental game leaks like anger and revenge hijacking your brain, or even...

Jan 12 2023

The Power of Paying Attention to Showdowns

Showdowns are where you learn the most about each player. If you watched, and can remember, the action of the hand from preflop through to showdown, you can replay the hand in your mind and learn a lot about how a player thinks. This means it’s critical that you pay attention to every hand dealt, even after you fold 72o from under the...

Jan 01 2023

Take Daily Action to Crush Poker in 2023

How are you going to crush poker in 2023? Take daily action with either studying or playing. Watch this podcast on YouTube:...

Dec 20 2022

Top 10 Winningest and Losingest Hands of 2022

Here are my top 10 hands of 2022, the 7 winningest and 3 losingest. Let's review 'em and learn from my wins and my mistakes! Watch me review these 10 hands:...

Dec 14 2022

Poker Actions Speak Louder Than Words – So Listen up!

I truly believe the old maxim, "Actions speak louder than words." And that's no more true anywhere than in poker. I believe that most players tell me what they have about 99% of the time (but that doesn’t mean I listen 99% of the time ). In this post (with video and podcast below), I help you learn to...

Dec 09 2022

This Preflop Range Challenge Will Make You Money

I gave myself a preflop range challenge: Play 5,000 hands in 5 days strictly with my KISS Cash Game Ranges. Spoiler: I crushed it! $45 in winnings ($5 buy- in games) with a +17.84bb/100 hands win rate, while running a super tight 14/11 game. Get the KISS Cash Game Ranges and the Challenge Tracker here: I review my own...

Nov 26 2022

Poker Forge Q&A Podcast Episodes

I love answering questions from my Poker Forge students! You'll find Q&A podcast episodes along with videos, pics, downloads, Poker Forge study recommendations and more below. 6-Question Poker Forge Q&A from November 2022 Watch the video for this Q&A #418:...

Nov 22 2022

How to Turn Around a Poker Misclick – Winning a Multiway 3bet Pot

Nov 22 2022 Published at Smart Poker Study under tags  3bet flop texture misclick multiway oop

I misclick called a 3bet from the big blind, putting me out of position in a multiway pot… and I just had 75s! In this article (also with video and podcast, links below), I discuss how I made the best of my misclick call. I analyzed the situation, my opponents, my options and I made the perfect play that won me a 24bb...

Nov 16 2022

How to Study Any Poker Course

Have you ever bought a poker course, but failed to finish it? Yeah, me too! Been there, done that, way too many times. What a waste of a great opportunity, not to mention the money I spent on the course. So, after getting fed up with wasting my money on 3 different courses by NOT completing them, I decided to make a change...

Nov 11 2022

Make More Successful Bluff Cbets By Using Flop Textures

Do you pay attention to flop textures? You probably find it easy to cbet the flop for value. TPTK? Easy cbet. Flop a set? Easy cbet or raise. But, as you know, you frequently MISS hitting a pair or better, so you gotta bluff often. And that can be difficult for some to do. In this article, I’m going to teach you how...

Nov 02 2022

Purposeful Practice Strategies You MUST Use Starting Today

Do you ever feel like your progress is stagnant and you're not using new strategies? Like, you’re studying and trying to improve, your wheels are spinning, but you’re not going anywhere? I’m giving you my top strategies for purposeful practice, for playing and studying, that will grow your poker skills....

Oct 29 2022

Hiatus until 2023

I'll resume the Daily Poker Tips podcast in the new year with a new format. I'll see you back here then!

Oct 28 2022

I Wish I Knew These 6 Poker Strategies at the Start of My Journey

I wish I knew these things at the start of my poker journey! It took me YEARS to become a winning online poker player. Loads of playing and studying, and along the way, there were many lessons learned. Too bad I didn't learn 'em sooner (like in the first 5 years ). I’m going to teach you the 6 things I wish I...

Oct 27 2022

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