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Jan 04 2021

Poker Tips By George: Quads on the Flop

It has been a long time since I last dreamed of a poker hand. This time it was something special – very rare and highly contested. I recall it vividly. See if you agree with my strategies and tactics. Would you have played it differently? We had a full table of nine players; the game was $4-$8 limit hold’em. We had been...

Dec 09 2020

Better Than a Testimonial: 5 Reasons Why I Happily Promote

Dec 09 2020 Published at under tags  poker strategy

Running a poker media business practically by definition necessitates that you make solid partnerships and have good relationships with as many individuals and companies as possible in the poker world. Providing event coverage, conducting interviews, and promoting poker-related products and services would certainly be far more difficult an undertaking if there weren’t genuine, positive relationships …...

Dec 06 2020

Poker Lessons from Me and My 10-Year-Old Son: Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

Dec 06 2020 Published at Smart Poker Study under tags  guest posts mixed games

My son is 10 years old now and it’s special to watch him grow up. He reminds me of myself, in particular how he gets obsessed with certain toys and games. Back in my day it was action figures and Nintendo. For him it’s Rubik’s Cubes and Minecraft. He’s bright, intelligent, competitive, and highly motivated to succeed. When he doesn’t win or...

Jul 30 2020

5 Types of Live Poker Experiences in Las Vegas

Jul 30 2020 Published at Smart Poker Study under tags  las vegas poker destinations

As a recreational player, “peak poker” for me is getting the occasional opportunity to play in Las Vegas. Whether it’s a couple hours’ drive or half a world away by plane, that scene of arriving in the desert and walking into one of the city’s famed poker rooms to mix it up is something that’s whet the appetites of pretty much every casual...

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