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Jul 23 2021

Mixed Games Poker Tournament Strategy For Beginners

It's tournament time again in Las Vegas. The World Series of Poker might not happen for a few more months, but there are tournaments everywhere and that means my poker buddies are all calling me for advice on mixed games. Most of the no-limit players I know have made this call at some point, most of them assuming that playing mixed games might...

Mar 03 2021

The Poker Party is About to Start: Be Prepared with These 7 Tips

A poker party is about to start all over the world. Assuming things don't somehow change with a variant of COVID that easily infects people who are vaccinated, people are going to be flocking to the poker tables in the very near future. Many people here in Las Vegas already are taking part in them. I played a $2,500 buy-in at the Venetian...

Jan 15 2021

Online Poker – What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

Online poker has seen a mini-boom in the last year because of poker rooms shutting down due to Covid-19. For me, this has led to an influx of students who often have no idea why they are getting crushed online when they were doing fine at brick and mortar tables. There are three reasons why you may be having a tough time online...

Sep 15 2020

Short Stack Ninja: The Resteal Zone

The following is an excerpt from Chris Wallace's newly released book entitled Short Stack Ninja: Tournament Strategy From A Professional Poker Coach. The resteal zone has always fascinated me. It plays such a big part in the table dynamic that less advanced players never understand. The resteal zone, more than any of the other zones we will discuss here, creates that unseen...

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