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Jan 09 2022

The Global Poker Awards Return after Covid Break

The onset condition of the COVID-19 has not only shaken the entire world but also forced the poker universe into lockdown. This included the shutting down of the great and good’s achievements called the glitzy ceremony of The Global Poker Awards. But the good news is now back! With everything seemingly going back to normal all over the world, the official announcement has...

Jan 06 2022

Poker Player Gets into a Physical Brawl with a Dealer in Houston

While poker can be a game with a lot of ups and downs related to luck, it sometimes leads to long-lasting grudges inducing revenge. Things can sure get a little heated when it comes to tough poker spots. And that is exactly what happened when a well-known poker professional got into a physical brawl with another poker player. The rumors of the incident...

Dec 29 2021

Takeouts from the World Series of Poker 2021

Are you a poker enthusiast in search of the greatest and richest online game in the history of poker? Then you bet there is one that dates back to 51 years and has been existing since 1970. The year 2021 marks the 52nd Anniversary of The World Series of Poker (WSOP). This is the largest and the most esteemed live gaming event in...

Dec 23 2021

Justin Bonomo Tops All-Time Money List with $100K High Roller Win

A professional American high-stakes poker player and the winner of several events such as PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and Super High Roller Bowls has taken the poker world by surprise by making the headlines once again. This is none other than Justin Bonomo who participated in the World Poker Tour (WPT) Five Diamond Poker Classic among 18 competitors and played the $100,000 High Roller...

Dec 11 2021

Top Bloggers to Follow During the Winter Poker Season

In the world of poker, players are always on the lookout for amazing tips and tactics not only to advance our poker knowledge but also to learn some excellent tricks that will bring us to the top of our game. Some players also desire good poker reads to satisfy their craving for all kinds of new and updated poker information. But the only...

Dec 09 2021

Creating a Perfect Setup for Online Poker

If you are an online poker player who plays for fun, then doing so on your mobile or laptop may seem like enough. But serious poker players, who spend hours in front of the screen every day know that pure comfort is everything and a simple setup is not going to be enough. So, if you plan to take online poker a little...

Dec 07 2021

A short AMA with Unshuffled Poker Founder Jake Hershfield

Have you heard of the new online poker platform called Unshuffled? Well, here we are to introduce you to the first poker site which offers a video and audio built-in feature for your weekly home poker games. This brand new forum was created especially to give a home game experience to the players. Launched in March 2020, the founder and CEO of Unshuffled,...

Dec 05 2021

Why Learning GTO is Important in Poker

As a member of the poker world, you must've come across the word "GTO" plenty of times over the recent years. But what is this really? And does it make a difference to learn and apply this strategy? How does it affect your poker game? To find out, stay hooked as we have compiled all the answers to your questions! So, keep...

Dec 02 2021

Online Frauds – 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Online Cheating

For as long as online poker has come into being, it has brought upon deceitful scammers and fraudulent individuals with itself. These online cheaters have tried to scam their way into taking advantage of their competitors by making quick money at the expense of honest players. From bottom dealing to card marking, online live poker has many ways to cheat and unfortunately, this...

Nov 29 2021

10 Tips to Improve Your Poker Gaming Skills

Are you a poker enthusiast who always thinks it just isn't your lucky day when you lose a game? Well, poker isn't all about luck! When considering the long run, poker is more of a skill game. The truth is that excelling at this game requires a vast array of skills and essential qualities. And the best poker players have mastered some of...

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