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Feb 03 2023

Get a Mindful Edge at the Poker Table

Feb 03 2023 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

One of Yogi Berra’s most famous Yogi-isms is his line that “baseball is 90% mental. The other half is physical.” While this usually gets a laugh, most athletes concede that the mental game plays an important role in their overall performance. If I asked you how important the mental game is to poker, what would you say? The next question I...

Jan 30 2023

Avoiding Overconfidence in Poker Is Crucial to Keeping Your Head in the Game!

Jan 30 2023 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

Confidence is the extent to which we believe we have what it takes to be successful. It is often acknowledged as a companion to success no matter what field we’re discussing, and poker is undoubtedly no exception. Most of us intuitively know that feeling confident is better than feeling a lack of confidence when we sit down to play....

Jan 27 2023

Top 5 Fascinating Works of Art Featuring Card Playing

Jan 27 2023 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

The game of poker has inspired movies, television shows, songs, and so much more. One surprising aspect of the game is its appearance in the important works of art. These gallery paintings feature some card playing - either poker itself or some precursor to the game. Most probably think of the famous “Dogs Playing Poker”...

Jan 23 2023

10 Tips for When A Poker Pro Sits Down at Your Table!

Jan 23 2023 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

It can be intimidating to be seated at a poker table with pro players next to you. But should you play differently? How should you react? In this episode below of Ask a Poker Pro, 888poker Ambassadors give their advice for recs who find themselves up against pro players. It's not that uncommon to feel intimidated or uncomfortable when a...

Jan 20 2023

Psychology vs Solvers! Should You Play Your Opponent or Play the Cards?

Jan 20 2023 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

Is it more critical to follow GTO or exploitative strategies when playing poker? The answer is simple: You need both to be a winning player. Today’s poker instruction primarily focuses on GTO (game theory optimal) strategies. But there is much to be gained from understanding our...

Jan 16 2023

Do Extroverts or Introverts Make the Most Successful Poker Players?

Jan 16 2023 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

Is it more beneficial to a poker player’s success to be an introvert or an extrovert? Well, “it depends.” Understanding the difference between the two traits and how they could be beneficial or detrimental to your game is essential. Let’s start with a quick detour by looking at personality more generally. Personality is a complex...

Jan 13 2023

Overcoming Decision Fatigue: Top Tips from Poker Professionals

Jan 13 2023 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

Decision fatigue is a form of cognitive overload which occurs when we become overwhelmed by the number of decisions we need to make, or by how important they are. This can lead to stress, anxiety and avoidance behaviours, as well as a decreased ability to make further decisions. The circumstances of the past few years, including the global pandemic, inflation and cost of...

Dec 16 2022

How to Perfectly Defend vs 3bets

Dec 16 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

Have you ever felt uncomfortable when the players to our left are constantly 3betting? Should we play back and make a stand? When is the right moment? Calling more against 3bets can sometimes worsen the situation if we are unsure how to proceed postflop. So, what’s the solution? Knowing some of the theory can go a long way towards...

Dec 12 2022

Your Complete Guide to Poker Rake

Dec 12 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

Most poker players are familiar with the idea that they will be paying rake at the poker tables. Only a smaller percentage understand the details behind how rake works and how much rake they are paying. A solid understanding of rake can make the difference between a winning and losing approach to poker. There are several different...

Dec 09 2022

Hit the Microstakes Poker Tables to Up Your Game!

Dec 09 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

A few years back, I had a conversation with a multi-millionaire. “I used to play poker,” he told me. “Until I reached a certain point financially, and it was no longer fun for me.” He became so rich he could no longer feel the rush. While this may sound like #lifegoals for some, I’d like to posit that he’s missing out. Playing...

Dec 05 2022

The Art of Bluffing – How to Bluff Your Way to Victory

Dec 05 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

The art of bluffing is an essential part of any solid poker player’s game. Poker requires each player to not only try and guess what hands other people at the table are holding, but to regularly try and convince those other players that their own hand is much stronger or weaker than it actually is. In poker, the aim of bluffing is...

Nov 28 2022

The Poker Player’s 6-Step Guide to Continuous Improvement

Nov 28 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

Before we get into the topic of developing a system for continuous poker improvement, let’s consider your reasons for playing poker. What do you want to achieve from poker? While nearly everyone says they play to win money, clarifying what you’re after from the game is essential. Some players have modest goals and simply want...

Nov 25 2022

Optimal Strategy For Playing After Flop Raise and Call by Opponent!

Nov 25 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

So, we’ve raised the flop while in position, perhaps hoping to take down the pot. But our opponent has called. What now? Should we keep on firing? Should we give up and assume our opponent has something due to the flop call? Let’s break our strategy down into the following hand categories -...

Nov 21 2022

20 Advanced Poker Tips to Up Your Game to the Next Level

Nov 21 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

Have you been playing for a while but looking to find that extra edge? Here we will discuss our top tips for our more advanced players. You will have already taken many actions on this list you as an experienced player, but possibly not all of them. The ones you have missed so far could be your opportunity to find that...

Nov 18 2022

10 Common Poker Tells – What You Need and Don’t Need to Know!

Nov 18 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

A tell in poker is anything that gives away information about our opponent’s possible hole cards. This facet of poker is especially crucial in live games, where many players give away information through their body language. In this guide to common poker tells, we’ll look at 10 specific poker tells that we can use in-game to get extra...

Nov 14 2022

Blockers in Poker: Turning the Tables on Your Opponents!

Nov 14 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

In certain situations, we might feel that we know nothing about the type of poker hand our opponent is holding. That’s never entirely true, however. By looking at our own cards, we can deduce which cards our opponent is definitely not holding. We refer to this technique as using blockers. What Precisely is...

Nov 11 2022

Your Six-Step Beginner Guide to Playing Bounty KO Tournaments

Nov 11 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

888poker’s bounty tournaments offer an exciting twist on the regular format of poker tournaments. Bounty tournaments give players a chance to take home significant profits without even reaching the final table. So, what exactly are bounty tournaments, and how do they work? In this short guide to bounty tournaments,...

Nov 07 2022

The Sunk Cost Fallacy in Poker

Nov 07 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

The sunk cost fallacy can be defined thusly: it is a phenomenon that occurs when a person has invested heavily into a strategy and is unwilling to abandon it, even when abandoning it would be most beneficial. This has applications in every day life and in poker. Recently, my adorable daughter couldn’t sleep. At midnight my loving wife and I...

Nov 04 2022

How to Deal with Poker Downswings

Nov 04 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

Poker is a game of long-term averages; therefore, there are undoubtedly going to be some big upswings and downswings throughout any person’s journey. In fact, it’s quite normal to downswing in poker, and go on seeming roller- coaster rides with your bankroll. How big can a poker downswing be? Pretty big and considerably...

Oct 31 2022

Your One-Stop Guide to PLO Poker Games

Oct 31 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  888poker

Pot Limit Omaha (or PLO, for short) is an action-packed, high-variance poker game. The format closely resembles Texas Hold’em with a few distinct differences: Players have four hole cards in their starting hand preflop instead of two. Players must use precisely two of their hole cards and three community cards to make...

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