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Oct 21 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Poker Staking (2020)

This post was written by guest contributor Roger Marquez Poker staking has blown up in recent years. In fact, many people are shocked to learn that most high stakes pros these days are staked (i.e. they are not playing on their own money). Now there are many different staking arrangements these days and many in between cases where a pro still has...

Oct 13 2020

Is PokerStars a Total Joke? (What You Need to Know)

Many people ask me these days, is PokerStars a total joke? And believe me, I get it!I have taken an unbelievable amount of bad beats on this site. So much so, that at times I am left wondering how it is not totally rigged for action? But is there some real treachery going on behind the scenes these days at PokerStars? Is PokerStars...

Oct 06 2020

How Long Does it Take to Become a Professional Poker Player?

People often ask me how long does it take to become a professional poker player. And as somebody who made a living as a poker pro for many years, I can provide some insight here on how long it takes for the average person to quit their job and be a poker pro. But I must warn you that the amount of time...

Sep 29 2020

How to Make Your First $100 From Poker

Everybody has to start somewhere in poker and I think the very first milestone you should shoot for is to make $100. The reason why $100 is a great initial goal is because this is an easily achievable amount that nearly anybody can do, with a little bit of practice. And the great thing about taking little baby steps like this in poker...

Sep 22 2020

Professional Poker Player Salary (It Might Shock You)

People often ask me these days what is the average professional poker player salary? And to be quite honest, the answer varies depending on your skill level, what stakes you play, how much volume you put in and so on. So in this article I am going to break it all down for you. This is the ultimate guide to a professional poker...

Sep 15 2020

What Are the Odds of Pocket Aces Getting Cracked?

Did your pocket aces get cracked again? Are you wanting to know what are the odds of aces getting cracked? This is something that many of us wonder about when our aces seem to get cracked again and again and again. So let's just jump right into it! Is Pocket Aces a Good Hand? The first thing you should know is that pocket...

Sep 10 2020

The Truth About Being a Professional Poker Player

Many people ask me about what it is like to be become a professional poker player. And as somebody who played poker professionally online for 10+ years, I have a little bit to say about it! Is it all about sitting at the beach sipping pina coladas living the easy life while you hop online for a couple hours a week, crush some...

Sep 06 2020

Upswing Poker Lab vs Masterclass - Which One is Best For You?

One of the most common questions I get asked these days is: Which poker training program is better, The Upswing Poker Lab or the Daniel Negreanu Masterclass? Both of these poker courses are among the very best poker training material available today in my opinion to get you quickly beating the low stakes and mid stakes poker games. By the way, Phil Ivey...

Sep 01 2020

The Phil Hellmuth Guide to Stop Tilting

Phil Hellmuth is perhaps best known for his famous rants and blowups at the poker table whenever he takes a bad beat. This is why he even earned the nickname "The Poker Brat." In fact, some of the most popular poker videos on YouTube have titles like "Phil Hellmuth loses it once again." Or "You won't believe what Phil Hellmuth did after this...

Aug 27 2020

PokerTracker vs Holdem Manager, DriveHUD, Hand2Note, Poker Copilot (Pro's Pick)

People often ask me what is the best poker HUD these days. And it is no secret that I have been using PokerTracker for nearly 10 years now and throughout most of my poker pro career as well. In fact, nearly every single online professional poker player I know also uses the PokerTracker HUD when they play online, and also to improve their...

Aug 18 2020

Here's What a Limp Reraise Means (Hand Reading 101)

People often get confused about what a limp reraise means at the poker table. A limp reraise by the way is when somebody limps into the pot preflop (just calls the blind), you raise, and then when it comes back to them, they reraise you. This is an ideal way to trap the maximum amount of money in the pot preflop with a...

Aug 06 2020

Most Poker Players Make the WRONG River Fold Here

Learning how to play the river well is extremely important to your bottom line at the poker tables. And more specifically, you need to learn how to avoid making bad river folds. Now don't get me wrong, sometimes you absolutely do need to make a disciplined lay-down especially against an extremely tight player on the river. This is something that your poker HUD...

Jul 31 2020

What Does WSD Mean? An Extremely Simple Explanation

Jul 31 2020 Published at BlackRain79 - Micro Stakes Poker Strategy under tags  wsd

People often ask me what WSD means in poker. Well, here is a simple explanation: WSD or W$SD or W$SD% are technical terms that we use in modern poker tracking programs like PokerTracker to indicate the percentage of the time that someone wins money when they reach showdown (when all the cards are shown). This is why WSD is a fairly useful HUD...

Jul 28 2020

90% of Poker Pros Listen to This Kind of Music

Many people ask me if I listen to music while I am grinding out the long hours, especially at the online poker tables. And the answer is yes, I do! However, I have found that some types of music allow me to perform better and also help me manage my tilt control better as well. But of course, this is just going to...

Jul 22 2020

Top 10 Reasons Why You Go On Tilt (And How to Fix It)

Jul 22 2020 Published at BlackRain79 - Micro Stakes Poker Strategy under tags  tilt

One of the most devastating side effects of losing in poker is tilt. It happens to everybody, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced pro. Some people have a longer fuse than others and can endure more pain, but at the end of the day, most people can only take so many bad beats and coolers, before they finally crack. In...

Jul 16 2020

15 Proven Ways to Beat Small Stakes Poker in 2020

People often ask me how to crush small stakes poker games these day. What are my top tips and tricks to continuing dominating these games in 2020? And believe me, I get it. There is a lot of information out there. And it can all be very confusing sometimes! Small stakes poker by the way refers to anything below about a $100 buy-in...

Jul 07 2020

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Pocket Aces Got Cracked (Again)

People complain to me all the time about how their pocket aces got cracked, yet again. It happened to them 17 times in a row, they told me, and 3 times last Sunday! So I figured I needed to finally put on my detective hat here and find out why so many people are getting their pocket aces cracked so frequently. Now let...

Jul 03 2020

What Am I Doing Wrong in Poker? (Pro Advice)

People often ask me these days what they are doing wrong in poker. Why can't they win? And believe me, I understand your pain. I struggled for a long time to develop a winning poker strategy. And some of my early years as a poker pro were a huge struggle. But I eventually figured out what I was doing wrong in poker that...

Jul 01 2020

Is PokerBros Rigged? (Here's What You Need to Know)

PokerBros is a new mobile poker app that has quickly gained a lot of popularity since it was first launched in 2019. It is now attracting players and clubs from all over the world including America. And this is because PokerBros is easy to start playing poker on, has many fresh customizable display options, and tons of action across many different types of...

Jun 30 2020

Can You Run Bad in Poker For Months? (It Might Surprise You)

People ask me all the time if it is possible to run bad for months on end in poker. The term "running bad" by the way refers to a sustained period of bad luck. For example, your pocket aces get cracked over and over again, you lose flush over flush, they hit their miracle cards against you on the river seemingly every time,...

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