Aug 31 2008

Day 30

Hands Played Today: 3516Total Hands Played: 181554Hands Needed: 18446Pace: 193548 (-11994)Jog: No (13/20)Comments:Another good session today.EDIT: I am an idiot. There are 31 days in August! I just posted a huge long report on the month, which I will now post tomorrow! Pace stuff posted all month was also assuming August had only 30 days in it lol.

Aug 29 2008

Day 28

Hands Played Today: 5449Total Hands Played: 174431Hands Needed: 25569Pace: 186665 (-12234)Jog: Yes (13/20)Comments: Heater? Ask for one and you shall receive it I guess. Results today were outstanding. Reformulation of my game again. I don't think nit mode is optimal. I played a 15/9/2.2 today. Basically how I was playing before the experimenting in the past few weeks with a few wrinkles.New

Aug 28 2008

Day 27

Hands Played Today: 5078Total Hands Played: 168982Hands Needed: 31018Pace: 179998 (-11016)Jog: No (12/20)Comments:Another winning day which feels like a loss. Handcuffed by endless bad beats and coolers. What is this thing they call a heater? I haven't seen one since the 1980's. I can either run bad or average this month. Thats it.

Aug 27 2008

Day 26

Hands Played Today: 4567Total Hands Played: 163904Hands Needed: 36096Pace: 173332 (-9428)Jog: No (12/20)Comments:Played really well again today. Results weren't there. Should have folded KK preflop in one spot where a guy cold CIB 4 betted. I 5bet shoved, and he obv called with AA. The other shorty in the hand also had KK, leaving me basically drawing dead =/

Aug 25 2008

Day 24

Hands Played Today: 3638Total Hands Played: 152473Hands Needed: 47527Pace: 159998 (-7525)Jog: No (11/20)Comments:Today I played nittier than I have in years, at 12/5/2, and the results were good. I only ran about average, but a more passive preflop approach and fit or fold, with lots of laydowns and pot control postflop, seemed to work. The idea is that they don't fold, so just...

Aug 24 2008

Day 23

Hands Played Today: 8544Total Hands Played: 148835Hands Needed: 51165Pace: 153332 (-4497)Jog: No (11/20)Comments:Continue with my horrific run of cards. I really don't care anymore though. I hardly even blink anymore when I get 2 outed or coolered. Lost nut flush to str8 flush today. That was a good one lol. I think I've seen it all at this point.Its just all about playing...

Aug 23 2008

Day 22

Hands Played Today: 6942Total Hands Played: 140291Hands Needed: 59709Pace: 146665 (-6374)Jog: No (11/20)Comments:I don't know whats going on anymore. Its tough to play. I didn't think anything close to whats happened this month was possible. I'm going to run some extensive tests on equity analysis and think things thru quite a bit.

Aug 22 2008

Day 21

Hands Played Today: 5705Total Hands Played: 133349Hands Needed: 66651Pace: 139999 (-6650)Jog: No (11/20)Comments:Today was a unique day. I had my first real losing day ever at the limits I play, down 2.5 buyins. I was setup nonstop to lose money for 5700 straight hands. I don't have words for this month anymore. Then again, I really don't care anymore either. I'm kinda past...

Aug 20 2008

Day 19

Hands Played Today: 8070Total Hands Played: 123107Hands Needed: 76893Pace: 126665 (-3558)Jog: Yes (10/20)Comments:I played good today again. The results weren't there again.

Aug 19 2008

Day 18

Hands Played Today: 7531Total Hands Played: 115037Hands Needed: 84963Pace: 119999 (-4962)Jog: No (9/20)Comments:Played really bad today in my first session. I really have to drill it in my head to stop trying to run over a bunch of droolers. They don't fold anything! I get called by king high routinely, even on the river. I have run extremely bad this month, but I...

Aug 18 2008

Day 17

Hands Played Today: 3604Total Hands Played: 107506Hands Needed: 92494Pace: 113332 (-5826)Jog: No (9/20)Comments:Pretty meh day. Just one session. Nothing really interesting at all happened.

Aug 17 2008

Day 16

Hands Played Today: 7159Total Hands Played: 103902Hands Needed: 96098Pace: 106666 (-2765)Jog: Yes (9/20)Comments:Good day today. Games were better than normal cuz its a weekend. Not that they ever aren't good at the limits I play. Playing well lately though, which is of course so much easier to do when you are running decent.Really focusing on key hands more. No rash decisions. Also, making...

Aug 16 2008

Day 15

Hands Played Today: 4915Total Hands Played: 96743Hands Needed: 103257Pace: 100000 (-3257)Jog: No (8/20)Comments: Heading out tonight, so only had time for one big session. I have played more hands than I did in the entire month of July at the midway point of August. And I am basically still on pace for 200k hands played total. So even though, the results have been...

Aug 15 2008

Day 14

Hands Played Today: 8778Total Hands Played: 91828Hands Needed: 108172Pace: 93338 (-1510)Jog: Yes (8/20)Comments: I'm not gonna whine and complain here anymore. I just erased a bunch of ranting that I wrote and had published. It doesn't do me any good. I'm lucky to be able to make the money I do in this game. Bad beats and coolers are a part of poker...

Aug 13 2008

Day 12

Hands Played Today: 8441Total Hands Played: 74506Hands Needed: 125494Pace: 80004 (-5498)Jog: No (6/20)Comments:Ran pretty horrific today. This month has just been unreal. I was down 2 buyins in the second session before I could even get all the tables up lol. KK runs into AA aipf. Then literally 30 seconds later, same thing cept I have the AA this time. K on the...

Aug 12 2008

Day 11

Hands Played Today: 3097Total Hands Played: 66065Hands Needed: 137032Pace: 73337 (-7272)Jog: No (6/20)Comments:Achieving goals takes consistent effort. That is something that I struggle with a lot. Everybody gets a big initial surge of motivation when you lay out some grand plans. Its carrying through with them after that initial surge, and when the going gets tough, that separates people.I am

Aug 10 2008

Day 10

Hands Played Today: 3140Total Hands Played: 62968Hands Needed: 137032Pace: 66670 (-3702)Jog: No (6/20)Comments:Played terrible today and didn't run very well. I don't know what was wrong with me. Head wasn't in it at all. Didn't sleep great last night. Gotta make sure I keep the right hours.

Day 9

Hands Played Today: 3078Total Hands Played: 59828Hands Needed: 140172Pace: 60003 (-175)Jog: Yes (6/20)Comments:I had problems motivating myself to play today. Just played one session where I ran about average. I think the biggest demotivating factor is the low limits I play. It frustrates me b/c I know I'm a solid winner at much higher limits. And I feel like I am wasting my...

Aug 09 2008

Day 8

Hands Played Today: 6752Total Hands Played: 56750Hands Needed: 143250Pace: 53336 (+3414)Jog: Yes (5/20)Comments:Continue to run pretty good. Little heater going on here. Hope it continues, knock on wood.Another thing that is awesome is the Canadian dollar getting wrecked this past week, compared to the American. Its like I got a 6% pay increase for doing absolutely nothing.It hasn't been this

Aug 08 2008

Day 7

Hands Played Today: 7559Total Hands Played: 49998Hands Needed: 150002Pace: 46669 (+3329)Jog: No (4/20)Comments:Finally! The beast is slayed. The downswing is over. I even ran fairly good today, being a couple buyins above my actual equity in PokerEv. Its that old light switch again with this game.Out of nowhere, after 8 days of unreal suckouts and coolers, it all stopped today. I made more...

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