Nov 14 2008

Long Day

Almost 12k hands. Didn't run particularly well but it wasn't terrible either. I think I just realized partway through the day that none of the shit that happens each day even matters. Its just cards and I'm always gonna be at the mercy of them in the short term. Tilt is just fucking stupid. There is no point in feeling like the world...

Nov 13 2008


Well I guess I'll start posting here again. Sorry for the random AWOL for those that read this. I've done it before, hopefully I won't do it again. During the past 2 months, overall I haven't played near as much as I was before. But I have been playing a fair bit so far this month.I don't currently have any explicit goals like...

Sep 13 2008

Day 12

Hands Played Today: 0Total Hands Played: 59031Hands Needed: 140969Pace: 79999 (-20968)Jog: Yes (5/15)Comments:No poker again. Well at least I am keeping busy. Exploring some different coaching options and stuff. Some guy is starting yet another poker training site. But this one is geared towards small and micro stakes.Sadly, I think(%99 sure) I am the biggest winner on Stars this year at the

Sep 12 2008

Day 11

Hands Played Today: 0Total Hands Played: 59031Hands Needed: 140969Pace: 73333 (-14302)Jog: No (4/15)Comments:Didn't play today. No real reason. Watching too much RailHeaven on FTP perhaps. Guy has been wanting to play a lot lately, so that ridiculously huge game has been running quite often. The funny thing is that he is up the most of anyone, around 600k in the past two days,...

Sep 11 2008

Day 10

Hands Played Today: 7402Total Hands Played: 59031Hands Needed: 140969Pace: 66666 (-7635)Jog: No (4/15)Comments:My results were pretty good today. The games were extra amazing on a Wednesday night for some reason. It should have been my biggest day ever. But I wear those old bad beat handcuffs every day =/

Sep 10 2008

Day 9

Hands Played Today: 3807Total Hands Played: 51629Hands Needed: 148371Pace: 59999 (-8370)Jog: Yes (4/15)Comments:Things went decent today at the tables. But by far the best part of today was mastering "Little Wing" on guitar.

Sep 09 2008

Day 8

Hands Played Today: 0Total Hands Played: 47822Hands Needed: 152178Pace: 53333 (-5511)Jog: No (3/15)Comments:

Sep 08 2008

Day 7

Hands Played Today: 3793Total Hands Played: 47822Hands Needed: 152178Pace: 46666 (+1156)Jog: No (3/15)Comments:One of those annoying days where all the shortstacks hit their 2 outers and win all the flips. Wait, thats every day for me. Anyways, some donkeys eventually gave me some money. Same old.

Sep 07 2008

Day 6

Hands Played Today: 3395Total Hands Played: 44029Hands Needed: 155971Pace: 40000 (+4029)Jog: Yes (3/15)Comments:Today was a decent day. Only a couple horrendous beats for stacks.

Sep 06 2008

Day 5

Hands Played Today: 9286Total Hands Played: 40634Hands Needed: 159366Pace: 33333 (+7301)Jog: No (2/15)Comments:First session went good. Second session (5400 hands) was very frustrating. I felt like I was playing damage control the entire time. I ended the second session breakeven and actually felt like that was a major success.I folded KK preflop twice today to nitty regs. That didn't keep me

Sep 05 2008

Day 4

Hands Played Today: 8402Total Hands Played: 31348Hands Needed: 168652Pace: 26666 (+4682)Jog: Yes (2/15)Comments:Things went a bit better today. Few too many set over sets and bad beats near the end for any great results tho. My winrate this month is only a bit better than last month at this point. But I haven't played my best at all times either. One thing I...

Sep 04 2008

Day 3

Hands Played Today: 11689Total Hands Played: 22946Hands Needed: 177054Pace: 20000 (+2946)Jog: No (1/15)Comments:Sigh. I played all day basically. I ran terrible the entire time. Sometimes it just feels so rigged. It never seems to stop no matter how long I play on a given day. My last session today was almost 8k hands. I just wanted to see how long it would go....

Sep 03 2008

Day 2

Hands Played Today: 7223Total Hands Played: 11257Hands Needed: 188743Pace: 13333 (-2076)Jog: Yes (1/15)Comments:Got a few more hands in today than yesterday. Honest reason for not getting going right away. Stars had a big update requiring patches to several scripts and PT. I have no complaints about how I'm running once again. Think today was my 2nd biggest day winnings wise ever, at the...

Sep 02 2008

Day 1

Hands Played Today: 4034Total Hands Played: 4034Hands Needed: 195966Pace: 6667 (-2633)Jog: No (0/15)Comments:So I'm a bit behind pace to start the month off. A combination of lazyness and a few things I needed to do today. I have been slacking a bit this past week. I have been running better and often only playing one session per day. I have to get that...

September Goals

August was a good month for me. I want to build on that momentum in September. I should be able to make way more money this month by simply moving up. Moving up to a game I will crush as well. 4 goals.1) Play every day2) Play 200k hands3) Jog every other day4) Move up limits by the 15th of the month at...

Aug 31 2008

Day 30

Hands Played Today: 3516Total Hands Played: 181554Hands Needed: 18446Pace: 193548 (-11994)Jog: No (13/20)Comments:Another good session today.EDIT: I am an idiot. There are 31 days in August! I just posted a huge long report on the month, which I will now post tomorrow! Pace stuff posted all month was also assuming August had only 30 days in it lol.

Aug 29 2008

Day 28

Hands Played Today: 5449Total Hands Played: 174431Hands Needed: 25569Pace: 186665 (-12234)Jog: Yes (13/20)Comments: Heater? Ask for one and you shall receive it I guess. Results today were outstanding. Reformulation of my game again. I don't think nit mode is optimal. I played a 15/9/2.2 today. Basically how I was playing before the experimenting in the past few weeks with a few wrinkles.New

Aug 28 2008

Day 27

Hands Played Today: 5078Total Hands Played: 168982Hands Needed: 31018Pace: 179998 (-11016)Jog: No (12/20)Comments:Another winning day which feels like a loss. Handcuffed by endless bad beats and coolers. What is this thing they call a heater? I haven't seen one since the 1980's. I can either run bad or average this month. Thats it.

Aug 27 2008

Day 26

Hands Played Today: 4567Total Hands Played: 163904Hands Needed: 36096Pace: 173332 (-9428)Jog: No (12/20)Comments:Played really well again today. Results weren't there. Should have folded KK preflop in one spot where a guy cold CIB 4 betted. I 5bet shoved, and he obv called with AA. The other shorty in the hand also had KK, leaving me basically drawing dead =/

Aug 25 2008

Day 24

Hands Played Today: 3638Total Hands Played: 152473Hands Needed: 47527Pace: 159998 (-7525)Jog: No (11/20)Comments:Today I played nittier than I have in years, at 12/5/2, and the results were good. I only ran about average, but a more passive preflop approach and fit or fold, with lots of laydowns and pot control postflop, seemed to work. The idea is that they don't fold, so just...

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