Aug 10 2008

Day 9

Hands Played Today: 3078Total Hands Played: 59828Hands Needed: 140172Pace: 60003 (-175)Jog: Yes (6/20)Comments:I had problems motivating myself to play today. Just played one session where I ran about average. I think the biggest demotivating factor is the low limits I play. It frustrates me b/c I know I'm a solid winner at much higher limits. And I feel like I am wasting my...

Aug 09 2008

Day 8

Hands Played Today: 6752Total Hands Played: 56750Hands Needed: 143250Pace: 53336 (+3414)Jog: Yes (5/20)Comments:Continue to run pretty good. Little heater going on here. Hope it continues, knock on wood.Another thing that is awesome is the Canadian dollar getting wrecked this past week, compared to the American. Its like I got a 6% pay increase for doing absolutely nothing.It hasn't been this

Aug 08 2008

Day 7

Hands Played Today: 7559Total Hands Played: 49998Hands Needed: 150002Pace: 46669 (+3329)Jog: No (4/20)Comments:Finally! The beast is slayed. The downswing is over. I even ran fairly good today, being a couple buyins above my actual equity in PokerEv. Its that old light switch again with this game.Out of nowhere, after 8 days of unreal suckouts and coolers, it all stopped today. I made more...

Aug 07 2008

Day 6

Hands Played Today: 3677Total Hands Played: 42439Hands Needed: 157561Pace: 40002 (+2437)Jog: Yes (4/20)Comments:This is just twilight zone stuff now. Yet another day where I was forced to stop early b/c I am just getting fucked right up the ass on every single hand.I have a high threshold before tilt comes on and I have more motivation to play than ever right now. It...

Aug 06 2008

Day 5

Hands Played Today: 12763Total Hands Played: 38762Hands Needed: 161238Pace: 33335 (+5427)Jog: No (3/20)Comments:Most hands ever played in one day. Beat the old record by a few hundred I think. Ran unbelievably bad for the first 5k. Ran average for the last 7k. Today was a sick attempt to break this downswing through brute force.I briefly changed my game to nit style today b/c...

Aug 05 2008

Day 4

Hands Played Today: 4656Total Hands Played: 25999Hands Needed: 174001Pace: 26668 (-669)Jog: Yes (3/20)Comments:Complete waste of my time today. The most absurd miracle cards and setups for them all day. Cut it early and take my first losing day ever, at retard limits, (half a buyin) b/c I can't be bothered to play anymore when its clear that I have no chance to win.

Aug 04 2008

Day 3

Hands Played Today: 7227Total Hands Played: 21343Hands Needed: 178657Pace: 20001 (+1342)Jog: No (2/20)Comments:I ran very bad all day today. This game really is unbelievable at times. After 3 or 4 days in a row of this now, there was no mercy given right up until the end. One of the last hands I played tonight, I flop a set of deuces, get it...

Aug 03 2008

Day 2

Hands Played Today: 6996Total Hands Played: 14116Hands Needed: 185884Pace: 13334 (+782)Jog: Yes (2/20)Comments:Good day. Took a lot of horrid beats it seemed but managed to make a decent amount still. I need to look into meditation or mind calming stuff. I play so much better and the grind seems so much easier, when I get myself to relax.

Aug 02 2008

Day 1

Hands Played Today: 7120Total Hands Played: 7120Hands Needed: 192880Pace: 6667 (+453)Jog: Yes (1/20)Comments:Didn't feel well today at all. My sleep last night really sucked. So I was glad to get in as many hands as I did. Also said no tonight to going out drinking all night with my brother and friends. Hard, but the right decision. The only way I'm gonna be...

Jul 24 2008

Day 23

Hands Played Today: 1910Total Hands Played: 93599Comments:Today I had to quit early in the first session. Things were going bad again and I felt very tilted. I don't think I have been playing up to par during this downswing, and I am glad I just quit and took the rest of the day off.Downswings happen, and will always happen in poker. I need...

Jul 23 2008

Day 22

Hands Played Today: 8896Total Hands Played: 91689Comments:One of the more frustrating days I've ever had. The first session went average. The second and third were pretty unbelievable. I even got 1 outed on the river, the one time set over set was in my favor lol. It felt like one of those can't win days, and I actually quit a bit early cuz...

Jul 22 2008

Day 20 & 21

Hands Played Today: 7257Total Hands Played: 82793Comments:I didn't play yesterday. All those hands were today. Continue to run pretty good overall. Its so easy to get lazy and take a day off. The most important session for me is the first one of the day. I have to make sure, I don't procrastinate when I wake up. Just get at it right away....

Jul 20 2008

Day 19

Hands Played Today: 3557Total Hands Played: 75536Comments:Ok. Just gonna take out the pace and amount needed thing. Sadly, I'm not going to hit 200k hands this month. I'll just continue to keep track of the monthly total and post comments. I still hope to reach 150k.I was lazy today and just wasted time most of the day. I actually ran pretty much average...

Jul 19 2008

Day 18

Hands Played Today: 7099Total Hands Played: 71979Hands Needed: 128021Pace: 116129 (-44150)Comments:Ran like God today. No one would believe how much money I make at micro stakes if I told them. I've been on a true heater the past 14k hands. I don't believe I have ever had a heater this long before in over a million lifetime hands. Its amazing how quickly things...

Jul 18 2008

Day 17

Hands Played Today: 7334Total Hands Played: 64880Hands Needed: 135120Pace: 109677 (-44797)Comments:Got in an ok amount of hands today. Just 2 sessions, 3k hands and 4k hands. Gonna need more if I'm gonna have any chance in this challenge. On the bright side, I actually ran good today and made a bunch of money. Thats always nice.Its amazing how you can run bad for...

Jul 17 2008

Day 16

Hands Played Today: 8715Total Hands Played: 57546Hands Needed: 142454Pace: 103226 (-45680)Comments:Played quite a bit again today. Ran quite poorly for the second day in a row. Need to work on my tilt control a bit. There was definitely some spew today. I will try again tomorrow. The Pokerstars gods have to take pity on me at some point.

Jul 16 2008

Day 13-15

Hands Played Today: 12006Total Hands Played: 48831Hands Needed: 151169Pace: 96774 (-47943)Comments:Didn't play at all on Days 13 & 14, brilliant. All those hands were played today on Day 15. I am a bit further behind pace now, but why give up lol? Played all day, maybe most ever for one day, and ran like goatass pretty much the whole time. Hopefully I can...

Jul 12 2008

Day 6-12

Hands Played Today: 4887Total Hands Played: 36825Hands Needed: 163175Pace: 77424 (-40599)Comments:Day 6-11, I didn't even play at all. Highly intelligent on my part as per usual. I have had a big problem with consistency for a long time now. I have to challenge myself to overcome it.It will be a pretty tall mountain to climb now, 200k hands in July, but I'm not...

Jul 05 2008

Day 5

Hands Played Today: 7187Total Hands Played: 31938Hands Needed: 168062Pace: 32260 (-322)Comments:First session went great. Second went pretty terrible. I think I ran KK into AA 5 times today. Not sure if there were any in my favor and with countless coolers and beats, it was tough to get good results. But I played great I thought and of course won a bunch of...

Jul 04 2008

Day 4

Hands Played Today: 6162Total Hands Played: 24751Hands Needed: 175249Pace: 25808 (-1057)Comments:Didn't play as many hands as I wanted to today. Had a few things to do, but was still too lazy. 6162 hands only took 4.72 hours. I need to put in more hours and stop messing around on forums and such.I won again and actually had my best day winnings wise of...

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