Apr 30 2010

Hands Played Today - 8395Hands Played April - 107557Comments:On pace for 215k hands at the halfway point of the month. That is decent.Ran about as bad as possible yesterday. Ran white hot today. Standard stuff. The good thing is that I played more today. I really want to work on playing the most when running and playing good, rather than the other way...

Hands Played Today - 2029Hands Played April - 109586Comments:

Hands Played Today - 1216Hands Played April - 110802Comments:

Hands Played Today - 8118Hands Played April - 118920Comments:Monster day. I always run good on Sundays.

Hands Played Today - 4571Hands Played April - 123491Comments:

Hands Played Today - 12164Hands Played April - 135655Comments:

Hands Played Today - 5458Hands Played April - 141113Comments:

Hands Played Today - 2972Hands Played April - 144085Comments:

Hands Played Today - 8137Hands Played April - 152222Comments:

Hands Played Today - 8129Hands Played April - 160351Comments:

Hands Played Today - 6097Hands Played April - 166448Comments:

Hands Played Today - 8121Hands Played April - 174569Comments:

Hands Played Today - 8143Hands Played April - 182712Comments:

Hands Played Today - 8912Hands Played April - 191624Comments:All my play has been at NL5 for almost 2 weeks now. Ran pretty good up until yesterday. 17k breakeven since then.

Feb 18 2010

Day something

Haven't played that much in the past few days. I am significantly behind pace for 200k now. I may still try to make it. Having problems with PT right now. Will do updates again when I get that fixed.

Feb 12 2010

Day 13

February Goal (200k hands) Hands Played Today: 3814Hands Played February: 78353Pace: 78573 (-220)Comments:I am at my breaking point now with this downswing. Counting the last couple days of last month, it is probably about 90k hands. It is seriously affecting my ability to put in hands at this point. It takes all the fun out of the game for me and just makes...

Feb 11 2010

Day 12

February Goal (200k hands) Hands Played Today: 12030Hands Played February: 74539Pace: 71430 (+3109)Comments:

Feb 10 2010

Day 11

February Goal (200k hands) Hands Played Today: 6236Hands Played February: 62509Pace: 64287 (-1778)Comments:

Day 10

February Goal (200k hands) Hands Played Today: 3008Hands Played February: 56273Pace: 57144 (-871)Comments:

Feb 08 2010

Day 9

February Goal (200k hands) Hands Played Today: 5046Hands Played February: 53265Pace: 50001 (+3264)Comments:

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