Jan 17 2009

Hands Played Today: 6738Hands Played January: 79660VPP Count: 8157+5 buyins.

Jan 16 2009

Hands Played Today: 7032Hands Played January: 72922VPP Count: 7411+10 buyins. Finally the big day. Lost 4 stacks as an 85% favorite or greater. Could have been more. But I won't complain. Ship the monies.

Jan 15 2009

Hands Played Today: 9151Hands Played January: 65890VPP Count: 6708+2 buyins. Had my first losing session of the year (first session was -3 buyins). Recovered in the evening session however to avoid a losing day.

Jan 14 2009

Hands Played Today: 7102Hands Played January: 56739VPP Count: 5859+4 buyins.

Jan 09 2009

Hands Played Today: 4526Hands Played January: 49637VPP Count: 5113Breakeven.

Hands Played Today: 7367Hands Played January: 45111VPP Count: 4680+5 buyins. Still haven't had even a losing session yet this year. It was close in my first session today though. Came back from down almost 5 buyins to get to breakeven. Cleaned up in the second session in the amazing evening games.Graph of the month so far. Click to view.

Jan 08 2009

Hands Played Today: 7416Hands Played January: 37744VPP Count: 3883+4 buyins.

Jan 06 2009

Hands Played Today: 3347Hands Played January: 30328VPP Count: 3043+4 buyins.

Hands Played Today: 6170Hands Played January: 26981VPP Count: 2700+5 buyins. 22.5k FPP. 4ptbb/100 so far on the month playing mostly in the nitty morning games with no HUD. I am pretty pleased with the results so far. I feel like I have run reasonably well.One thing that I need to work on is betting pot with overpairs against fish on the flop and...

Jan 04 2009

Hands Played Today: 5854Hands Played January: 20811VPP Count: 2060+6 buyins

Jan 03 2009

Hands Played Today: 7989Hands Played January: 14957VPP Count: 1488+5 buyins. +5 yesterday as well. Have 20k FPP now.


Hands Played Today: 6968Hands Played January: 6968VPP Count: 677Well the new year is here and the grind begins again. Slow start because I've been busy but I did get started at NL25 today for almost 7k hands and I should be good to go with big days for awhile now.I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this blog. I'm probably going...

Dec 30 2008

Planning out 2009 and more random NL2

I haven't been playing much. I decided to play some NL2 just before I slept today. Playing poker when tired is always a terrible idea. I just wanted to quit as soon as I started. So obviously I then go on my biggest downswing ever at NL2 (maybe second biggest) of 4 buyins. This is over literally a million hands I have played...

Dec 26 2008

Random NL2 and my future with poker

Not even sure the days. Haven't played in two days now I think. NL2, some amount of hands the two days previous to that. Won of course. Pretty pathetic ending to 2008 but I haven't found the consistency all year. On the bright side, this year still has been a decent step forward. I crossed the million hand mark for the year a...

Dec 21 2008

Back to the December Grind

Was going to post yesterday and forgot. Yesterday I played 8500 hands at NL2 to get back in the swing of things. Ran ok and made the standard 11 buyins or something. Today, back to NL25 for 7800 hands...ffs when can I ever have a chance there? I was stuck 5 buyins within my first 600 hands. 5 different allins either before the...

Dec 16 2008

NL2 is hard

So I've basically taken the past week off. I don't want to get on a lengthy abscence again just b/c, I don't have to play or don't feel like playing. So I played 1500 hands of NL2 today at the standard 40ptbb/100. Its kinda the least I should be doing on days when I don't feel very motivated. Its completely free money and...

Dec 09 2008

Ok day

Feels like the first 60k hands at NL25 have been mostly running bad. KK vs AA is just ridiculous in my opponents favor this month. Its like 10-2 now. Hard to make up that many buyins. So after 60k hands I have a winrate of 2ptbb/100. I believe its double that at least under normal circumstances. But what can you do.Today I played...

Dec 07 2008

Why I don't play tournaments...

This morning I got up just in time for the 20k VIP freeroll on Stars. I run pretty hot and have a bunch of stuff hold and I'm top ten in the thing for hours. I'm thinking maybe this is the time. I could really use the 3k first place or making the Final Table even.Once it gets down to 500 or so...

Dec 05 2008

Discouraging day

I did what I said I was going to do. I didn't look at my cashier all day. I felt too tired to put in the 3rd session, so I played 7100 hands. I felt that I wasn't running good through most of the day but honestly didn't know even ballpark where I was at. Well, I was down 4 buyins.I went through...

Dec 04 2008

Another short day...

I only played 3500 hands today. I made 6.5 buyins. I continue to run pretty good. I definitely ran hot today with a Won $ at SD of %65, which is way above normal.One thing I did today that I haven't done since I was playing on Full Tilt a year and a half ago, is this. I did not look at my...

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