Feb 11 2010

Day 12

February Goal (200k hands) Hands Played Today: 12030Hands Played February: 74539Pace: 71430 (+3109)Comments:

Feb 10 2010

Day 11

February Goal (200k hands) Hands Played Today: 6236Hands Played February: 62509Pace: 64287 (-1778)Comments:

Day 10

February Goal (200k hands) Hands Played Today: 3008Hands Played February: 56273Pace: 57144 (-871)Comments:

Feb 08 2010

Day 9

February Goal (200k hands) Hands Played Today: 5046Hands Played February: 53265Pace: 50001 (+3264)Comments:

Feb 07 2010

Day 8

February Goal (200k hands) Hands Played Today: 6001Hands Played February: 48219Pace: 42858 (+5361)Comments:Words can't even describe how bad I ran today. Had my first losing day in probably a year (1.5 buyins lol). I am not going to use this blog to whine anymore though. Cuz I can't stand whiny faggots giving me their bad beat stories. I am the only one who...

Feb 06 2010

Day 7

February Goal (200k hands) Hands Played Today: 4038Hands Played February: 42218Pace: 35715 (+6503)Comments:

Feb 05 2010

Day 6

February Goal (200k hands) Hands Played Today: 7016Hands Played February: 38180Pace: 28572 (+9608)Comments:

Feb 04 2010

Day 1

Hands Played Today: 7618Hands Played January: 148381Comments:So there is one more day left in January. I believe I have taken 9 days off this month. I will finish with about 155k hands on the month. Both of these numbers are very typical of what I have been doing every month for the last year or so and it is why I am not...

Day 5

February Goal (200k hands) Hands Played Today: 11264Hands Played February: 31164Pace: 21429 (+9735)Comments:Well today things turned around. Had a big day. The majority was from one maniac who I have won a lot off before. He just gives away money. Luckily I was there to get it.

Feb 03 2010

Day 4

February Goal (200k hands) Hands Played Today: 9093Hands Played February: 19900Pace: 14286 (+5614)Comments:Really bad downswing to end last month and start this one. I have excellent tilt control however. I turbo quit the session when I feel that I am losing control. I have done this for all 7 sessions so far this month. I only had to do this once or twice...

Feb 02 2010

Day 3

February Goal (200k hands) Hands Played Today: 10807Hands Played February: 10807Pace: 7143 (+3664)Comments:Good start hands wise. Worst day results wise I've had this year. Fun fun.

Day 2

Hands Played Today: 5743Hands Played January: 154124Comments:Got like no sleep at all and went out. So whatever day. Gonna start in earnest tomorrow.

Jan 09 2010


Time to update this thing as a new year is upon us. I'm still playing poker. Nothing has really changed since I last wrote. NL2 and NL5 make up the majority of my play. I have won more at these limits on Pokerstars than anyone in the world in the past few years I am sure.2010 is gonna be a good year. I...

May 28 2009

Quick Post

I have still been playing poker a reasonable amount over the past few months. All of it has been at NL2 and NL5 though. It is embarassing to me to blog about it so I don't. I rarely ever move up b/c my bankroll gets ravaged by cashouts every month. But I can overcome this through some hard work.Maybe I should have just...

Apr 01 2009

March Summary

Ended up playing an ok amount, 139k hands. Unfortunately they were all at NL5 and NL2 and I didn't run so well. But I still made some money of course.In April I am going to play more hands, at higher limits and I am going to run better.

Feb 20 2009

Still kickin

Total Hands Played January: 94587VPP Count: 9071Been awhile since I last posted. I haven't played that much in the past month or so. Just some random micro stakes here and there. Got a new monster pc and have been gaming a bit too much probably lol. COD4, GTA4, Crysis, Grid. I think I have tamed the beast now though :oStill trying to get...

Jan 23 2009

Hands Played Today: 3550Hands Played January: 94587VPP Count: 9033+3 buyins. NL2

Jan 22 2009

Hands Played Today: 3025Hands Played January: 91037VPP Count: 9020+1 buyin. All NL2. You almost have to try hard to win that little in 3k hands there. FML

Jan 19 2009

Hands Played Today: 1482Hands Played January: 88012VPP Count: 9008+5 buyins. Hungover and busy today so I didn't play much. Those hands were all at NL2. The 5 VPP's gained were all from the big pots that I won lol.

Jan 18 2009

Hands Played Today: 6870Hands Played January: 86530VPP Count: 9003Breakeven. All 6870 hands were played in one hellishly long session where I played like crap, ran like crap and refused to quit while stuck. Victory imo and ship the rakeback pro status.

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