Apr 30 2010

Hands Played Today - 8041Hands Played March - 137336Comments:

Hands Played Today - 8435Hands Played March - 145771Comments:Saturdays are so good. Maniacs everywhere trying to give away their money. Average table VPIP was a full point higher than normal today.

Hands Played Today - 6552Hands Played March - 152323Comments:

Hands Played Today - 1813Hands Played March - 154136Comments:

Hands Played Today - 7172Hands Played March - 161308Comments:

Hands Played Today - 5463Hands Played March - 166771Comments:

Hands Played Today - 6072Hands Played March - 172843Comments:Been slacking a bit this week at least by my standards. I am still easily on pace to hit my 200k hand goal but I want to pick it up some to close out the month.

Hands Played Today - 6049Hands Played March - 178892Comments:I don't know what it is about Fridays. The worst players on earth, tons of drunks and I seem to always get killed. Almost had a losing day today. Had to tilt quit every session today so I couldn't get the volume I wanted.

Hands Played Today - 5270Hands Played March - 184162Comments:What happened yesterday happens once every month or two. What happened today happens once every year or two. I think today was the single worst day I have ever had at NL2. I actually lost just short of 4 buyins. Its pretty remarkable to think about. I have probably played upwards of 1.5 or 2...

Hands Played Today - 1594Hands Played March - 185756Comments:Ran as badly as possible again. Didn't have the patience to grind out more today. New monthly record for hands played now.

Hands Played Today - 1714Hands Played March - 187470Comments:

Hands Played Today - 8619Hands Played March - 196089Comments:Downswing over and in a big way as usual. Had a really big day. I didn't expect to cut it this close for 200k hands but this DS was very brutal and its been hard to play the past 3 or 4 days. In any case, I will still make it.

Hands Played Today - 7059Hands Played March - 203148!Comments:Well I finally did it. I have tried to achieve 200k hands in a month multiple times in this blog with lots of epic fail. Not this time. I played every single day this month except the first 3 days. There was one big downswing near the end (which is noticeable near the end of...

Hands Played Today - 7117Hands Played April - 7117Comments:Today was very difficult as I ran extremely bad. But I don't want to have days anymore where I only get in 2k hands cuz I am losing every hand and I can't stand playing. I had to insta quit 3 times today to avoid tilt. Thats fine! But I got back in there quickly...

Hands Played Today - 9030Hands Played April - 16147Comments:

Hands Played Today - 8073Hands Played April - 24220Comments:

Hands Played Today - 6131Hands Played April - 30351Comments:

Hands Played Today - 7114Hands Played April - 37465Comments:Have been running pretty good the past few days. Its just payback for last week's crap. It always works like this. Things even out in the end.

Hands Played Today - 5428Hands Played April - 42893Comments:

Hands Played Today - 8826Hands Played April - 51719Comments:

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